2003 Contest Winners

1. Short Story –

1st Place – Cheri Lynn Quattrochi “Perfect Twenty”
2nd Place – Steve Whisnant “Friendship Made in Heaven”
3rd Place – Phyllis Warady “God Bless Marilyn”
1HM – Georgie McIrvin
2HM – B J Lawry
3HM – Shannon Vannatter

2. Personal Essay – Why you Do or Don’t Read Books
1st Place – Dorothy Hatfield “Never Leave Home Without One”
2nd Place – Steve Whisnant “To Read or Not to Read”
3rd Place – Mary Ann Trulock “Why I Read Books”
1HM – Barbara Baker
2HM – Faith Darling
3HM – Wanda Dean

Children’s Story –
1st Place – Rhonda Roberts “Just Like Me”
2nd Place – Steve Whisnant “A Little Imagination”
3rd Place – Chastine Shumway “The Lonesome Old Man”
1HM – Fay Risner

4. Rhymed Poetry –
1st Place – Linda Lowe “Full Round”
2nd Place – Dottie Wright “Concerto”
3rd Place – Patricia Roberson “Phase?”
1HM Christine Henderson
2HM Winford Wallace
3HM Earl E. Smith

5. Free Verse Poetry –
1st Place – Carol K. Birth “The Fourth Sunday”
2nd Place – William Bohannon “Thanks to Walter Mitty”
3rd Place – Christine Henderson “Doldrums”
1HM Rhonda Roberts
2HM Jody K. Winters
3HM Dean Henning

6. Western Short Story –
1st Place – Elaine Tomlinson Corum “No Turning Back”
2nd Place – Fay Risner “Bobtail’s Cranky”
3rd Place – Steve Whisnant “A Western Struggle”
1HM Roswitha Wilkinson

7. Humorous Essay –
1st Place – Shannon Vannatter “Chicken Emissions”
2nd Place – Rhonda Roberts “Life with a Boy”
3rd Place – Barbara Baker “In the Bag”
1HM Christine Henderson
2HM JoAnne Allen
3HM Phyllis Goodin

8. Short Story/First Chapter of a Novel –
1st Place – Elaine Tomlinson Corum “Good Girls”
2nd Place – Dorothy Hatfield “A Walk Through Grief”
3rd Place – Christine Henderson “Innocent Parties”
1HM Georgie McIrvin
2HM Faye Williams Jones

9. Inspirational Poem –
1st Place – Dottie Wright “Sunday Morning”
2nd Place – Pat Bland Durmonn “It’s Not About Fishing”
3rd Place – Phyllis Goodin “There’s a Rock in My Sock”
1HM Patricia Roberson
2HM Mary Katheryn Marcon
3HM Faye Williams Jones

10. Essay – How Can I Make My Community a Better Place for Teenagers –

1st Place – Shannon Vannatter “Wrong Target”
2nd Place – JoAnne Allen “How Can I Make My Community a Better Place for Teenagers?”
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2003 Recap

2003 Re-Cap –

We always seem to have fun, and this year hasn’t been any different. Dr. Terry Engels spoke with us about using dialogue in January. We were to write pieces using as much dialogue as possible to convey the situation, place, and actions of our characters.

Warren produced a speaker on self-publishing in February. In April, Shannon Vannater shared her experiences with various publishing houses, and in May Dr. Dennis Bennet gave us an update on progress his agent is making with a publisher. Whew! When Dennis finally gets this book in print, we will all celebrate with him.

For our June meeting, Mark Magie, owner of seven local newspapers in Central Arkansas, gave us an overview of the news business. In July, Patsy Larue talked of her experiences in submitting to magazines. We were all duly impressed – she has a huge colleciton of clips! Our August assignment was to follow up on Patsy’s advice and create an article or story and find at least two markets for it.

September re-hashed the conference, and in October Winford Wallace brought us a speaker from Harding Press with an overview of the printing process. In addition, our assignment was for a single page descriptive essay or segment.

November concentrated on business, with decisions made on several things such as the conference, the web site, and programs for the coming year. Some members brought up a few things that they want the members to be considering, and will bring them up later in the year.

The December meeting was special. We brought food, family, and something to be read. As our tradition dictated, the written pieces were unidentified, and placed into a basket as each member arrived. After dinner, each member picked something from the basket and read it out loud – then we had to figure out who the author was. Rhonda added a fun twist to this – we each voted on our three favorites and the top three took home Hastings gift cards. We all liked this addition, and voted to add it to our activities next December.

Stay tuned for another great year!
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Officers –
President – Rhonda Roberts
V.President- Warren Watkins
Secretary – Jane Rowland
Treasurer – Dot Hatfield
Historian – Jean Gipson
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2003 Writers Conference

White County Creative Writers hosted their 8th Annual Writers’ conference in the Founders Room of the American Heritage Conference Center at Harding University in Searcy, AR on August 30, 2003. With four speakers and 10 writing contests, the 45 attendees received a full day of advice, entertainment, food, and excitement.

Barbara Massie explained “You Can’t Fool Uncle Forever” and guided us through looking at writing as a business. Her tips on organization and recordkeeping were very useful, and she helped a lot of us navigate that maze of tax records.

“Writing is Kudzu”, explained Bill Eakin. With his off-the-wall approach to storytelling, we all now understand that the words will keep coming, even when we neglect them. Thanks, Bill!

Jeanni Brosius tried to convince us that “There is Nothing Funny about the Humor Writing Business” as she took us through her experiences in developing and promoting her column.

“Gotcha! How Science and the Law Catch Criminals” was the title of Andrea Campbell’s presentation. In a fully packed session, she gave us information on the tools of forensic science. Great information, expecially for those writing crime and mystery.
Andrea Campbell & Ziggy