2005 Conference

White County Creative Writers celebrated our 10th Anniversary on September 3, 2005, with an all day presentation by Carolyn Wall.

Conference was held in the Founders’ Room of the American Heritage Building at Center and Grand Streets, on the campus of Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas.

Carolyn Wall

Carolyn Wall is the Fiction Editor for ByLine Magazine and Senior Staff Writer for Persimmon Hill, the official publication of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Wall is also a full-time freelance writer, lecturer and teacher of creative writing across the southern and mid-western United States. She conducts intensive classes in Fiction, Short Story and Feature Writing, journaling, and Writing for Children. She may be best known for her six-week workshop titled “How to Write What You Feel”.

As an artist-in-residence for the Oklahoma Arts Council, she has taught creative writing to 4,000 children in her home state. More than 1,000 of Carolyn Wall’s stories, photographs, and reviews have appeared in over 100 magazines and newspapers. She has done voice-over work for radio and television.

In addition, she has won regional and national writing honors, and was the recipient of the Creme-de-la-Creme Award from the Oklahoma State Writers’ Federation, Inc., in 1997 for a young adult short story. In the fall of 1998, the U.S.Department of the Interior and Wyoming’s Bearlodge Writers presented her with a writing residency in Wyoming. There she took the opportunity to begin her first novel, for which she was again presented the Creme-de-la-Creme Award from the OSWF. She is the only writer to have this distinction.

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On Saturday, September 3, 2005, Carolyn Wall discussed How to Write What You Feel during the morning session of White County Creative Writers’ 10th Annual Writers Conference. She explored the basics for every writer, about writing and the writer – a journey to the literary center of the self and how this leads to fiction and non-fiction.

The afternoon session was devoted to The Most Powerful Fiction in the World – and Where it Comes From. She covered structure, characterization, setting, conflict and resolution, and the secrets that no successful writer has ever told you.


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2005 Conference Recap

Brag Box——-
Several members won awards at the Arkansas Writers’ Conference on June 3-4, 2005.
Patsy Pipkin – 2nd HM-Grand Conference Award: Wit and Wisdom (essay); 1st Place for a newspaper column about grandparents.
Shannon Vannatter – 1st HM-Grand conference Award: Wit and Wisdom; 1st HM-Storytelling Award (children’s story); 1st Place- Humorous Essay
Chris Henderson – 1st HM AWC Prose Award (short story) and 1st Place-Star Magnolia Award ( short story)
Rhonda Roberts – 3rd HM-Poetry ( about earth/nature);3rd Place – Essay on family member;1st Place – Essay “What Family Means to Me”; and 1st HM – short story
Dot Hatfield – 2nd HM – short story; 1st HM-Christmas Play


2005 so far…

Linda Lowe asked us to bring samples of our writing to be compiled and sent to soldiers serving overseas. We read and commented on the pieces at the January meeting. Some of us brought things we wrote some time ago, some brought new things, and the variety was wonderful – from sentimental to silly. We hope the guys and gals anjoy them.

In February, Patsy Pipkin was unable to attend due to her husband’s illness, and her planned speaker, Dennis Bennett, was in an accident and had to cancel on us. Hopefully, he will be able to join us later in the year. Dot Hatfield pitched in with an exercise on writing. She brought several ‘first lines’, and we wrote essays inspired by those openings, then read them . They ranged from childhood memories to fantasy. It was an interesting evening.

The March program was arranged by Winford Wallace. He presented a speaker from Conway, Lori , who spoke to us about what she went through in getting her book, , published. She told us about selecting her publisher, and the editing and final draft process – sharing pitfalls and successes, and explaining what she would or wouldn’t do again. Several members bought a copy of the book, and have given it very good reviews.

Rhonda Roberts asked us to write something suitable for children for the April meeting. Hearing each of us read our contribution to this emphisized the diversity of the group – there were short stories and poems involving kittens, mice, frogs and other children, and essays on childhood memories and experiences. Rhonda collected them and was going to forward them to Children’s Hospital to share.

May brought us a presentation by Georgie McIrvin on ‘Show- don’t Tell” in which she tried to help us all understand that command. As Georgie pointed out, so many experts simply Tell us, but don’t Show us how to do it. Georgie used one of her own essays to illustrate how we can ‘read between the lines’ to gather information if it is presented well. She also gave us a simple sentence, “The man crossed the street and spoke to the girl” and asked us to rewrite it to give us more information. My, we sure came up with some different scenarios!

Jean Gipson arranged for several members to present a re-cap of the Arkansas Writers’ Conference that was held in Little Rock the first weekend in June. Jean gave an overview of several of the speakers that our group was already familiar with, and Patsy Pipkin shared her notes from the Saturday afternoon session with Laura Parker Castoro on characterization. Jean again took the floor with a great interpretation of Sherri Organ’s use of the book “How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci” in helping us develoop and use our creativity. Then Chris Henderson explained Paula Morrell’s demonstration on right brain-left brain training, and how to use them both in developing an idea.

The July session is an open forum, and Dot Hatfield plans on a reading/critique session.

W.C.C.W. Calendar –
meeting dates
January 17, 2005
February 21, 2005
March 21, 2005
April 18, 2005
May 16, 2005
June 20, 2005
July 18 2005
August 15, 2005
September 19, 2005
October 17, 2005
November 21, 2005
December 19 , 2005

Program Schedule 2005 – listing of members who will present or arrange programs/activities each month.

January – Linda Lowe – Stories for Soldiers. Bring a story, poem, essay, etc. to be sent to soldiers overseas
February – Patsy Pipkin – speaker planned
March – Winford Wallace –
April – Elaine Corum
May – Georgie McIrvin
June – Jean Gipson
July – Open
August – Chris Henderson
September – Open
October – Angie Cantu
November – Open
December – Party!!!!!


July is an open format. Bring anything you like – no more than three double spaced pages,. if you wish to have a critique, bring copies so others can see the writing as well as hear it being read. after all, we are WRITERS!!!!

Park Tales is coming along nicely, according to editor Dot Hatfield. She is in the process of gathering a few last minute things, such as biographies. We are hoping to have it ready to offer at our September conference.

Remember the definitions:
Proofread – to check for typing errors, misspelled words, and grammatical errors
Edit – to proofread and to make suggestions about wording, phrasing, sentence and paragraph structure
Critique – to edit and to evaluate the entire piece for clarity, interest and form, and to give suggestions on how the writing might be improved.

2005 Contest Winners

2005 Winners List – Congratulations!

1. Rhymed Poetry – 1st place, Barbara Baker – Rich Harvest; 2nd place, Lee Smith- Skinny Marie; 3rd place, Jennie R. Lewis – The Courtroom Artist; 1hm, Rhonda Roberts – The Core of the Matter ; 2hm, Lorna J. Stone – The Christmas Spirit; 3hm, Kip Davis – Meth’s Family Tree

2. Humorous Short Story – 1st place, Katy S. Duffield – The Wishing Machine; 2nd place, Ellen E. Withers – Elevator Dreams; 3rd place, Malu Graham – The Masher; 1hm, Helen M. Austin – So I Said to Cooter Punkin; 2hm, Georgie McIrvin – Lenore Hunts a Husband; 3hm, Neil Chandler – Bob Who?

3. Mystery – 1st place, Ellen E. Withers – Over the Edge; 2nd place, Dorothy Hatfield – Is It Love Or Latte?; 3rd place, Gale Gill – Elementary, My Dear Watson; 1hm, Neil Chandler – The Strangers; 2hm, Faye Risner – What’s Happening to Poor Emma?; 3hm, John Achor – Hill House

4. Show and Tell 1st place- Arline Chandler, Jason; 2nd place – Wanda L. Dean, He Was a Character!; 3rd place – Nina Tillery, Aunt Little Johnson; 1hm – Ellen E. Withers, Luther Cunningham; 2hm – Kathleen Helmer, The Ritual: 3hm – Pat Oplinger, Character Description

5. Unrhymed Poetry 1st place – Patricia A. Laster, The Emigre; 2nd place – Bill Rausch, The Country Store; 3rd place – Dean Henning, The Three Musketeers; 1hm – Jerry L. Young, Fayree

6. Chick-Lit Short Story 1st place – Shannon Vannatter, City Girl; 2nd place – Faye Williams Jones, A Weekly Reader Editor; 3rd place – Helen M. Austin, Rondo, or Isn’t This Where We Came In?; 1hm – Ellen E. Withers, Girls Night Out; 2hm – Patricia A. Laster, The Time Warp; 3hm – Neil Chandler, Love Brought Me

7. Children’s Story 1st place – Shannon Vannatter, The Very Long Dog ; 2nd place – Ellen E. Withers, The Fireworks Smile; 3rd place – Kip Davis, Squeezie; 1hm – Arline Chandler, The Last Winner; 2hm – Rhonda Roberts, Never the Same; 3hm – Katy s. Duffield, Beyond the Chair

8. Personal Essay 1st place – James F. Marsh, Finding john Boraski; 2nd place – Patricia A. Laster, Dreams and Embers; 3rd place – Rhonda Roberts, Praying for Daylight; 1hm – Fay Risner, The Angel Flew; 2hm – Shannon Vannatter, Chicken Emissions; TIE – 3hm – Georgie McIrvin, Horseback in Paradise – Kathleen Helmer, My Wake Up Call

9. Western Short Story 1st place – Lorna J. Stone, Carrie’s Legacy; 2nd place – Fay Risner, The Lonesome Whippoorwill; 3rd place – Neil Chandler, Uncle Pauley; 1hm – Steve Whisnant, Full Fledged Quackery; 2hm – Elain Tomlinson Corum, Justice; 3hm not awarded

10. A Lesson Learned from Life ( Essay) 1st place – Shannon Vannatter, Logan’s Mom; 2nd place – Madelyn F. Young, Borderline; 3rd place – Allison Joseph, This Woman’s Words; 1hm – John Achor, A Tribute to Trous, Grace Period Two; TIE – 2hm – Elaine Tomlinson Corum, Where You End Up – Steve Whisnant, Voltaire and 9/11

11. Devotional Piece 1st place – Jeanne Godbold, Mail Call; 2nd place – Dorothy Hatfield, Wait; no other awards

12. From the Heart ( experimental free-form poetry) 1st place – Faye Williams Jones, Journeys;no other awards

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Lee Smith

Lorna J. Stone

Helen M. Austin

Dean Henning

Arline Chandler

Wanda Dean

Kathleen Helmer

Shannon Vannatter

Jerry Young

Jeanne Godbold

Rhonda Roberts and Dot Hatfield

James Marsh

Katy S. Duffield

John Achor

Gale Gill

Faye Williams Jones

Pat Laster2.jpg
Pat Laster

Bill Rausch

Madelyn Young

Steve Whisnant and Rhonda Roberts ham it up!