2006 Writers Conference

White County Creative Writers hosted their 11th Annual Writers’ Conference on September 2, 2006. The one-day event was attended by 50 writers from Arkansas and the surrounding states. Thirteen contests held in conjunction with the conference resulted in almost four hundred entries.

Regina Williams – Getting the Editors’ Attention; a look at what to do ( and what not to do) when submitting your work.

Wendy Ledbetter – Exposing Your Roots; a guide to Family History and Journaling

Wendy Ledbetter – Working with the ‘Net; the expanding market for writing

Georgie Mcirvin – Mining for the Story; how to conduct a great interview in order to write a great article

Thanks to all these great ladies and the wonderful programs they presented.

Georgie McIrvin

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Wendy Ledbetter worked as an editor and writer for Family History Magazine until that publication was donated to the city of Logan, Utah, where it is currently being published under the former name, Everton’s Geneological Helper. She has been involved with the media industry for more than a decade, with the last several years devoted completely to freelance writing for magazines, newspapers, and website owners/developers. She established a small business, Wendy’s World, and has three part time writers in her employ.

Wendy Ledbetter

A native of Gurdon, Arkansas, where she currently makes her home, Wendy is the daughter of the late Raymond and Betty Wells Ledbetter, mother of Hollie Trollinger of Lincoln and Leslie Baumgardner of Okolona, and grandmother of Jay and Ruby, both of Lincoln.

Regina Williams

Regina Williams has been published in works such as Rural Arkansas, Black Powder Annual, Black Petals, Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, Ozarks Monthly, , Echoes of the Ozarks Anthology, and online at Fiction Addiction. Her suspense novel, “Washed in the Blood” is with an agent. She is vice-president of Ozarks Writers League, a member of Ozark Creative Writers and Saturday Writers. Regina was honored in 2002 in the Who’s Who in U. S. Writers, Editors and Poets.

Regina is the editor of The Storyteller, an international magazine and a freelance writer. She started the magazine in 1996 to give beginning writers a chance at publication. Since then, The Storyteller has published hundreds of new writers, as well as experienced well-published authors, and has become a nominating contributor for the Pushcart Prize.
Georgie McIrvin decided to be a professional writer in 1999 and attacked that pursuit with a vengeance. Within four years she had over 150 articles, primarily personality profiles, published in newspapers in Arkansas and England.

In contests Georgie has garnered over 50 awards. She has short stories published in two anthologies and one story accepted for reading on Public Radio. According to McIrvin, “all of these required an interview.” Many of her ideas for articles and stories come from her travels to England and Central America, and the people she has met while traveling have often found their way into her stories.

In the fall of 2004, she began taking classes at ASU-Heber Springs just for the fun of it, or as she says “for Alzheimer’s prevention.” In October of 2005 she was appointed Campus Minister at ASU-Heber and began organizing a Baptist Collegiate Ministry group, which she says is almost a full time, though volunteer, job. Although she is doing little writing at the moment, Georgie is still active in White County Creative Writers and Sugarloaf Scribblers and Scribes.

2006 Contest Results

White County Creative Writers presented a Bakers’ Dozen contests this year. We extend a heartfelt “thank you” to all the sponsors that made this possible.

There was a record number of entries this year, some from as far away as California, Florida, and Washington State. The judges all stated that the quality was excellent, which made their jobs very difficult. Thank you for making this a success – we look forward to entries from all of you next year!

1. Rhymed Poetry Sponsor – Flippin-Westfall Eye Care Center in Searcy.
1st Place – Catherine Moran ( Little Rock, AR) – Building the Treehouse
2nd Place – Malu Graham (Memphis, TN)- Tidal Message
3rd Place – Mike McMinn (Little Rock, AR) – Mekong Delta Afternoon
1hm – Freeda Baker Nichols(Clinton, AR) – Beyond Winter
2hm – Nina Tillery (Hot Springs, AR)- He Calls Himself Matt-Chew
3hm – George Van O’Brien (McRae, AR) – The Poet Pities the Astronomer

2. Short Story Sponsor: First Security Bank
1st place – Tom Kienzle (Maumelle, AR)- The Sleepwalker
2nd place – Malu Graham (Memphis, TN)- Sellin’ No Land
3rd place – Faye Williams Jones (North Little Rock, AR)- When Passing the Possum
1hm – JoLynn Godkin (Conway, AR)- Angus
2hm – Laura Loomis (Pittsburg, CA)- The Marrying Kind
3hm – Madelyn F. Young (Hot Springs Village, AR) – Nature’s Gift

3. Mystery or Suspense Sponsor; First Community Bank
1st place – Ellen Withers (Conway, AR)- Buyer Beware
2nd place – Lorna Stone (Conway, AR)- Music, Mayhem, and Murder
3rd place – Madelyn F. Young (Hot Springs Village, AR)- Best Laid Plans
1hm – Jerry Davis (Hot Springs Village, AR)- The King is Dead
2hm – Rhonda Roberts (Searcy, AR) – Saving Gracie
3hm – Sara Gipson (North Little Rock, AR)- Blackberry Season

4. Play-time Sponsor; Glassworks
1st place – Dorothy Hatfield (Beebe, AR)- R.I.P., Emma Lou Briggs
2nd place – Lorna Stone (Conway, AR)- Black Eyed Susans
3rd place – Rodney Nelsestuen (Woodbury, MN) – It’s All Ours
NO HM’s Awarded

5. Unrhymed poetry Sponsor; Chiropractic Care Clinic in Searcy
1st place – Catherine Moran (Little Rock, AR)- Every Summer
2nd place – Peggy Sanders (Searcy, AR)- Barns
3rd place – Barbara Baker (Enola, AR)- Command Performance
1hm – Rhonda Roberts (Searcy, AR)- White Lies
2hm – Sara Gipson (North Little Rock, AR) – Snow Season
3hm – Freeda Baker Nichols (Clinton, AR) – Honeysuckle and Cotton Rows

6. “The Love of My Life” Chick-Lit Short Story Sponsor; White County Creative Writers
1st place – Shannon Vannatter (Heber Springs, AR)- Again
2nd place – Ellen E. Withers (Conway, AR) – Divorce Lawyer
3rd place – Jerry Davis (Hot Springs Village, AR) – The Age of Tomorrow
1hm – Freeda Baker Nichols (Clinton, AR)- Catching the Bride’s Bouquet
2hm – Rhonda Roberts (Searcy, AR) – Double to Go
No 3 hm awarded

7. President’s Choice Children’s story Sponsor, Dorothy Hatfield
1st place – Nina Tillery (Hot Springs, AR)- Who’s That Knocking?
2nd place – Jeanne Godbold (Hot Springs Village, AR)- Alex’s Snow Cone Party
3rd place – Pat Laster (Benton, AR) – You Look Sharp Today
1hm – Stephani Vanderslice (Conway, AR)- Baking Day
2hm – Donna Volkenannt (St. Peters, MO)- Remembering Abuela
3hm – Sharon H. Bailey (Cabot, AR) – Between the Sheets

8. Personality profile Sponsor; Brian C. Maddox Insurance Agency, Searcy
1st place – Gale Gill (Little Rock, AR)- God was a Four Letter Word
2nd place – Gary R. Hoffman (Pensacola, FL) – Scelly
3rd place – Steve Whisnant (Little Rock, AR) – Dusty
1hm – Rhonda Roberts (Searcy, AR) – Strike up the Band
2hm – Faye Williams Jones (North Little Rock, AR)- Extraordinary Photographer
3hm – Fay Risner (Keystone, IA)- A Woman for All Seasons

9. Western Short Story Sponsor; Simmons First Bank
1st place – Ellen Withers (Conway, AR)- Discovery at Idaho Springs
2nd place – Rhonda Roberts (Searcy, AR)- Poppin’ Off
3rd place – Steve Whisnant (Little Rock, AR)- After Elkhorn
1hm – Fay Risner (Keystone, IA) – Indian Attack
2hm – Neville Martin (Searcy, AR) – The Three
3hm – Lorna Stone (Conway, AR)- A New Fred

10. Humorous essay Sponsor; First Arkansas Valley Bank
1st place – Judy Lee Green (Murfreesboro, TN)- Creative Sneezing
2nd place – Mike McMinn (Little Rock, AR) – They Should Probably Call it “Lancing”
3rd place – Mandy Hougland (Rogers, AR)- Excuses for Dummies (exerpts from a series of blogs)
1hm – Rhonda Roberts (Searcy, AR)- The Confession
2hm – David McCord (Heber Springs, AR)- So Last year
3hm – Carol J. Hodges (Little Rock, AR) – California ‘Feining
11. Writers’ Choice Sponsor; RobertsFamilyArk
1st place – Jeanne Godbold (Hot Springs Village, AR)- The Pancake Collector
2nd place – Nina Tillery (Hot Springs, AR)- Hawaii and Young Green Apples
3rd place – Ellen Withers (Conway, AR) – Jo’s Burden
1hm – Mike Rush (Conway, AR)- Harvest
2hm – Judy Lee Green (Murfreesboro, TN) – Talk Radio
3hm – Faye Williams Jones (North Little Rock, AR)- In the Mirror

12. Nostalgia piece Sponsor; Central Arkansas Writers
1st place – Ruth McHaney Danner (Spokane,
WA)- Casting Apples
2nd place – Rhonda Roberts (Searcy, AR) – Daddy’s Hands
3rd place – Tom Kienzle (Maumelle, AR)- The Old Bayonet
1hm – Gale Gill (Little Rock, AR)- Dinner at Aunt Gertie’s
2hm – Madelyn F. Young (Hot Springs Village, AR) – Fun and Games
3hm – Elizabeth Orendorff (Uniontown, AR) – Poor Oscar

13. Spiritual/Inspirational essay Sponsor; WEB Consulting
1st place Ruth McHaney Danner (Spokane, WA)- Going Home
2nd place – Madelyn F. Young (Hot Springs Village, AR) – Deliver Us from Evil
3rd place – Shannon Vannatter (Heber Springs, AR)- Logan’s Mom
1hm – Fay Risner (Keystone, IA) – Not in a Million Years
2hm – Sara Gipson (North Little Rock, AR) – Making Mountain Music
3hm – Mike Rush (Conway, AR) – The Words of Hope

2006 So Far

2006 so far…

January brought us a ‘general information’ meeting. Dot Hatfield presided over a lively discussion of the year to come, and introductions of old and new members, with updates on what everybody was doing.

In February, Rhonda Roberts worked with The Gallery to sponsor a reception/workshop. The Gallery is operated by the Searcy Arts Council and is located in the historic Black House, which isn’t really black, but named after the original owners. Refreshments were furnished by the Arts Council, and sessions on poetry, short stories, and newspaper columns were presented by Chris Henderson, Dot Hatfield, and Patsy Pipkin.

Patsy Pipkin arranged for a speaker at our March Meeting, Dennis Bennett related to us the events, troubles, successes, and hopes he has experienced in searching, finding and working with an agent on a book. While his story does not have a ‘happy’ ending yet, the information he passed on will be invaluable to others preparing to enter that area. Thanks, Dennis and Patsy!

Marie Medsker presented a program on query letters and proposals at our April meeting. She offered advice that she had received from our old mentor, David Roper, as well as information that she gleaned from research. Marie also gave us a little background on how she became a writer. It was a very interesting program.

W.C.C.W. Calendar –
meeting dates
January 15, 2007
February 19,2007
March 19,2007
April 16, 2007
May 21, 2007
June 18, 2007
July 16, 2007
August 20, 2007
September 17, 2007
October 15, 2007
November 19, 2007
December 17, 2007

Program Schedule 2006 – listing of members who will present or arrange programs/activities each month.

January – Dorothy Hatfield – planning and general information
February – Rhonda Roberts – reception at The Gallery
March – Patsy Pipkin presented speaker Dennis Bennet.
April – Marie Medsker…Queries
May – Georgie McIrvin
June –
July –
August –
September –
October – Chris Henderson
November –
December – Party!!!!!

Remember the definitions:
Proofread – to check for typing errors, misspelled words, and grammatical errors
Edit – to proofread and to make suggestions about wording, phrasing, sentence and paragraph structure
Critique – to edit and to evaluate the entire piece for clarity, interest and form, and to give suggestions on how the writing might be improved.