2008 Conference

White County Creative Writers hosted their 13th Annual Writers’ Conference in the American Heritage Conference Center at Harding University on August 30, 2008. The program featured four speakers on various aspects of writing and publishing. It was an interesting day of sharing and learning.

Linda Apple

Linda Apple, whose first novel is currently being circulated by an agent, makes her home in Fayetteville, AR. Much in demand as an inspirational speaker, Linda has nine creative nonfiction pieces published in the inspirational Chicken Soup book series. Her presentation, “Building Your Platform”, helped us understand the necessity of selling not only our work, but also our selves, as dependable writers.

Fred Pfister

Dr. Fred Pfister, Editor of The Ozarks Mountaineer, lives in Branson, Missouri, where he spends his non-editing time writing, teaching, and lecturing. With an M.A. from the University of Arkansas and a doctorate from the University of Mississippi, he taught at College of the Ozarks. A charter member of Ozarks Writers’ League, Dr. Pfister has authored two books and numerous magazine and newspaper articles. His session, “Turning Your Past into Cash” will focused memoir writing. He shared information about what magazine editors expect from writers and how to sell to the magazine market.

Velda Brotherton

Velda Brotherton lives in the Ozark National Forest and writes historical articles and books. Her latest nonfiction book, Fly with the Mourning Dove, tells of a young girl who grew up on a homestead in New Mexico. Ms. Brotherton’s work to preserve Arkansas history was featured on PBS, and Arcadia Publishing included two of her works for the Making America series. Her biography of Maud Duncan of Wnslow appeared in Arkansas Biographies from the University of Arkansas Press. In the mid-90’s, she published six historical romances under pen names Samantha Lee and Elizabeth Gregg. Velda’s session for the conference focused on “The Romance Market of Today”.

Terry Engel

Dr. Terry Engel earned his PH.D. in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Missippi, and now teaches creative writing, composition, and literature at Harding University in Searcy, AR. He has received the Transatlantic Review Award and has won the Hemingway Days Festival Short Story Contest, as well as an honorable mention in Pushcart Prize XVII. His fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Buffalo Spree, Open City, Cream City Review, Georgetown Review, and Missippi Review Web. Dr. Engel’s session for our conference, “How to Read Like a Writer”, featured writing for publication, including everything from finding an agent to submitting a manuscript and keeping records.

2008 Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule

8:00-8:30 Registration
8:30 – 8:45 Welcome and Introductions

8:45 – 10:00 Linda Apple
Building your Platform
Daily experience often inspires human growth. The desire to share through inspirational creative nonfiction requires us to learn not only to write well, to sell our work, but also to market ourselves as dependable professionals.

10:00 – BREAK – 10:15

10:15 – 11:30 Dr. Fred Pfister
Turning Your Past into Cash
We harbor personal histories rife with memories of family, friends, teachers, preachers, lean times, laments, last laughts. How do we capture the moments of our greatest intensity in words we can sell as memoir? How do we sell to the magazine market? What do magazine editors expect from writers?

11:30 a.m.. – 1:00 p.m.
Luncheon and Contest Awards Ceremony

1:00 – 2:30 Velda Brotherton
The Romance Market of Today
From the intersection of Romance with History comes one successful in the marketplace. Romance intersects also with fantasy, mystery, or science fiction. What does today’s market dictate? Let us hear of Mammon and the Archer.

2:30 – BREAK – 2:45

2:45 – 4:00 Dr. Terry Engel
How to Read Like a Writer
How does a writer read differently from anyone else? Does a writer learn the craft in part through reading? Let’s learn to read like a writer as we learn to write for publication. Finding an agent, submitting work, keeping records for each piece we send off – all will be covered in this session.

Registration deadline is August 25, 2008. Conference fee of $25.00 includes luncheon, but does NOT include contest fees. Mail registration to:
P.O.Box 9122
Searcy, AR 72145

2008 Conference Winner

White County Creative Writers extends a heartfelt “thank you” to all the sponsors that make these contests possible. Please give them your support.

Photos are being PhotoShopped, and will be posted soon. We apologize for the delay.

1. WCCW Award – Short Story, Mystery. 3000 Words Maximum – Sponsored by White County Creative Writers .
!st Place – Ellen Withers Bullet Named Revenge
2nd Place – Sara Gipson Puncture
3rd Place -Steve Whisnant Down Will Come Baby
1HM -Madelyn F. Young Behind Closed Doors
2HM – Freeda Baker Nichols The New Grave at Settlement Cemetery
3HM – Christine Henderson Watched

2. RobertsFamilyArk – Short story, friends and enemies. Story must contain friends who have become enemies, or enemies who have become friends. 2000 Words Maximum. Sponsored by the Roberts Family
1st Place – Rob Thornton Shadow Boxing
2nd Place – Laura Loomis Rubik’s Cube
3rd Place – Steve Whisnant Dear Friendenemy
1HM – Lorna Stone Almost
2HM – Arline Chandler The Secrets of Weird Wanda
3HM Freeda Baker Nichols Crab Apple’s First Christmas

3. Second Childhood Award – Rhymed Poetry – Subject: “Being Twelve” 50 lines maximum Sponsor: Glassworks Ink (link)
1st Place – Kathleen Whitman Plucker Waiting for 13
2nd Place – Jeri Holmes Nineteen Sixty Two
3rd Place – Sara Gipson Being Twelve
1HM – Debbie C. Lincoln Being Twelve Again
2HM – Earl Smith A Lesson Learned at Age Twelve
3HM – Carolyn Boyles Being Twelve

4. Tell me A Story Short Story – pretend you are a road, a car, or a house, and write a story from its point of view. 1500 words maximum Sponsor: Jean Gipson
1st Place – Del Garrett For Sale: This Old House
2nd Place – Steve Whisnant This Road, I stretch on Forever
3rd Place – Karen Blondeau Estate Sale
1HM – Dean Henning Just Like Old Times
2HM – Neville Martin Month of May
3HM -Buddy Hanks A Racy Affair

5. Tumbleweed Award Western Novel – Three chapters, synopsis, and query letter Sponsor: Dusty Richards
1st Place – Arline Chandler The Unhuntable Bear
2nd Place – Sara Gipson The Trouble With Truth
3rd Place – Laura Loomis Barn-Burner
1HM – Cory Allen Cox The Hard Land

6. Family Matters Award – Essay on a person in your family of significance to you. 2000 words maximum Sponsor: Debra Middleton
1st Place – Mary Chandler Dear Jared
2nd Place – Elizabeth Orendorr My Husband
3rd Place – Ellen Wiothers Bittersweet Weekend
1HM – Barbara Boothe Loyd A Woman for All Seasons
2HM Fay Risner Grandma’s Legacy

7. LovePat Press Award Blank Verse ( iambic pentameter, unrhymed) Subject: any astronomical event, past or present
Awards will include $5.00 each for HM/s
Sponsor: Pat Laster
1st Place – Jim Barton The Night of the Leonids
2nd Place – Freeda Baker Nichols Tornado on the Ground
3rd Place – Catherine Moran Asteroid Belt

8. Central Arkansas Writers Award Short Story, suitable for publication in a magazine for women 1500 words maximum Sponsor: Central Arkansas Writers
1st Place Eileen Krause Sara’s Gift
2nd Place – Malu Graham Cover-Up
3rd Place – Ellen Withers Dancing for Love
1HM – Elizabeth Orendorff Company for Dinner
2HM Wanda Dean Do Unto Others
3HM Gary R Hoffman Grandmas

9. Searcy Living Award – Essay: “How I can make my community a better place to live.” 600 words maximum Sponsor: Searcy Living Magazine
1st Place – Sara Gipson How I Can Make My Community a Better Place to Live
2nd Place – Steve Whisnant We Can Do Better, Ya’ll
3rd Place – Gary R. Hoffman My Extended Community

10. The Red, White, and Blue Award – Review of a favorite or recently read book 1000 words maximum Sponsor: Dorothy Hatfield 1st Place – Jim Barton A Great Wind
2nd Place – Steve Whisnant Local Writing Groups Show Talent
3rd Place – Faye Williams Jones Gift of a Letter
1HM Amy Gray Light Rhett Butler’s People
2HM – Sharon H. Bailey An Elm Creek Quilts Sampler
3HM – Lorna Stone The Host

11. Bob Jones and Faye Williams Jones Poetry Award Free Verse, any subject 40 lines maximum Sponsor: Bob Jones and Faye Williams Jones
1st Place – Eileen Krause X. Halt, Salute
2nd Place – Catherine Moran A Review of the Situation
3rd Place – Dean Henning Pulse of the Concrete
1HM – Jim Barton Long Distance
2HM – Rita Dortsch Home
3HM – Gary R. Hoffman A Face in the Stream

12. Ellen Withers Award Short Story – Anything Goes! ( any subject) 3000 words maximum Sponsor: Ellen Withers
1st Place – Malu Graham Beautiful Flower
2nd Place – Elizabeth Orendorff My Son
3rd Place – Jan Sherbin Tanya’s Embarrassing Secret
1HM – Sara Gipson The Love of Her Life
2HM – Ruth H. Weeks Bubble Gum Messages
3HM – Jim Barton Sleeping with Mr. Right
Special HM – Megan Bright The Great Food Fight

13. Hemingway-Pfeiffer Award Fictional Essay – “Dinner with Ernest” 1500 words maximum Sponsor: Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum, Piggott, Arkansas (link)
1st Place – Rita Dortch Dinner with Ernest
2nd Place – Helen M. Austin Dinner with Ernest (And Hadley and Scott and Zelda)
3rd Place – Ellen E. Withers Dinner with Ernest…Almost
1HM – Faye Williams Jones An Invitation to Dinner with Ernest
2HM – Gary R. Hoffman An Unexpected Dinner
3HM – Carolyn Boyles Dinner with Ernest

Congratulations to all of you!

2008 Newsletter

W.C.C.W. Calendar –
meeting dates
January 21, 2008
February 18, 2008
March 17, 2008
April 21, 2008
May 19, 2008
June 16, 2008
July 21, 2008
August 18, 2008
September 15, 2008
October 20, 2008
November 17, 2008
December 15, 2008

July Assignment – Linda handed out several pages of quips and quotes, as well as fables and allegories, for us to choose from. Write a piece on your interpretation of a famous line or saying. If you weren’t at the meeting and don’t have her list, choose one on your own – it will be welcome!

Don’t Forget!!!

As of the July 21st meeting, we are moving up 1/2 hour. We will meet at 6:30 instead of 7 p.m.!!!
Hopefully, this will give us more discussion time for our programs.
Program Schedule 2008 – listing of programs/activities each month.

January – Dot Hatfield – short piece on a memory inspired by a photograph.
February –
March – Critique sessions
April – Sharon Bailey – Defining Poetry
May – Marj Hart – What I’ve learned…
June – Critique sessions
July – Linda Lowe – re-defining quotations, fables, and cliche’s
August – Rhonda Roberts – HIGHLIGHTS Workshop highlights
September – Critique sessions
October –
November – Chris Henderson
December – Party!!!!!

Remember the definitions:
Proofread – to check for typing errors, misspelled words, and grammatical errors
Edit – to proofread and to make suggestions about wording, phrasing, sentence and paragraph structure
Critique – to edit and to evaluate the entire piece for clarity, interest and form, and to give suggestions on how the writing might be improved.