White County Creative Writers offers sixteen contests in conjunction with our 15th Annual Writers’ Conference. You do NOT have to attend the conference to enter. Postmark deadline for entries is July 26, 2010. We extend a heartfelt “thank you” to all the sponsors that make these contests possible. Please give them your support.

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DOUBLE-CHECK BEFORE YOU ENTER! See the check list at the bottom of this page!


1. WCCW Award – Children’s Story, 800 words max – identify age group under title. Sponsored by White County Creative Writers

2. FWCA Award – Short Story, fiction, any genre, 1500 words max. Sponsored by Fiction Writers of Central Arkansas

3. A Little Romance – Short Story, Fiction, 1500 words max. Sponsored by The PenPoint Group.

4. Central Arkansas Writers Award – Essay on “The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me” – 1000 words max. Sponsored by Central Arkansas Writers.

5. Bob and Fay Williams Jones Award – Poetry, Free verse, 40 lines max. Sponsored by Bob and Fay Williams Jones

6. Westward Ho! Award – Three Chapters of a Western Novel – Sponsored by Dusty Richards

7. LovePat Award – Poetry, a Cinquain Sequence, 25 lines max. Additional $5 awards for 3HM’s. Sponsored by Pat Laster.

8. Baker-Nichols Award – Short Story, Fiction, 2000 words max. Sponsored by Freeda Baker Nichols.

9. Four Leaf Clover Award – Romance involving a boy and girl leprechaun, with both internal and external conflict, 1500 words max. Sponsored by Del Garrett.

10. First Chapter – First Chapter of a romance, no more than 15 pages. Sponsored by Shannon Vannatter.

11. RobertsFamilyArk Award – (non-fiction) Science or Math Article for Young Readers, suitable for publication. 800 words max. Sponsored by Rhonda Roberts.

12. Arkansas Seasons Award – Essay on a season of the year or a season in your life. 1000 words max. Sponsored by Peggy Sanders.

13. Family Matters – Essay about someone in your family that’s important to you, 1500 words max. Sponsored by Debra Middleton.

14. CMH Award – Inspirational Essay, 1000 words max. Sponsored by CLAYTON MOBILE HOMES

15. From Another Realm Award – First 12 pages of Fantasy Novel + 3-page synopsis. No excess erotica or gore. BRIEF critique given IF REQUESTED on cover sheet. Sponsored by Carol Hodges

16. Glassworks Award – Narrative poem, rhymed, 100 lines max. Sponsored by Glassworks Ink.

2010 Contest Regulations
Noncompliance with any regulation will result in a disqualified entry

1. Registration to attend conference does not include contest fees. Contest fees of $5.00 for the first entry and $3.00 for each additional entry thereafter must be mailed on or before July 26, 2010. WCCW is not responsible for manuscripts lost, delayed, or received too late for judging: No entries will be returned. Entries will be destroyed two weeks after conference.

2. Only one typed, unpublished manuscript may be entered in each contest. Double-space prose; poetry may be double- or single-spaced. Use standard manuscript form .

3. No entry may be entered in more than one contest. No one may enter the contest for which he or she serves as sponsor, chairman, or judge. An entry that won first place last year may not be entered in the same contest if this year’s contest is identical to last year’s. Noncompliance with ANY rules will result in a disqualified entry.

4. Put contest number and name of award in upper left corner of each manuscript. Do not put your name on the manuscript. Attach a cover sheet to each manuscript with (a) number and name of contest, (b) title of entry, (c) first line of entry, and (d) your name, mailing address, and telephone number.

5. Mail all contest entries and contest fees on or by July 26, 2010 to DOT HATFIELD, 802 WEST CENTER, BEEBE, AR 72012.

6. Prizes: 1st place – $25.00; 2nd place – $15.00; 3rd place – $10.00. HM’s awarded at the discretion of the judges.

Winners not attending will be notified by mail the week after the conference.

For questions about contests or regulations, call (501) 882-7132 or e-mail dothatfield@sbcglobal.net
Checklist for your entry:

· Is your font 12 point Courier or Times New Roman?

· Do you have a margin of 1 or 1-1/2 inches on all sides?

· Is your prose entry double-spaced?

· Is your chapter heading one-third to half-way down the page?

· Do ALL pages in your manuscript have a header with the title, contest #, total manuscript word count, and page number?

· Did you make sure your name, personal information, and/or pseudonym is not in the header or anywhere on the manuscript?

· Do you have a cover page containing the title, contest #, and your name and address for EACH entry?

White County Creative Writers – P.O.Box 9122-Searcy, AR 72145