John McPhersonEvery month or so we spotlight one of our members.

This time around, we feature poetry by John McPherson.

Enjoy his work!

Lum And Abner at The Jot-Em-Down Store at Pine Ridge

Abner, who’s that feller a commin yonder down the road?
Reckon hit might be that new preacher man Lum, Reverent Goad.
Kin you make out, Abner, what it is he’s a carryin?
A Bible, of course, Lum, got to be ready fer a buryin or a marryin.
Notice how he seems to be a mite unsteady on his feet?
Shore do, Lum, likely he’s just not used to this Arkansas summer time heat.
Aunt Maude ‘lows he hails from somewhere up north called Ter-ron-toe.
Speck she’s rat ‘bout that but he’d better git hisself a good straw hat pronto.

The Hare That Wasn’t There

I chased a hare that wasn’t there.
I could only see his tracks.
‘Twas only a rabbit instead of a hare
But rabbit doesn’t rhyme with there.
I found the hare (that wasn’t there)
In the woods, but chose to spare
His life that snowy day.
Actually he ran away,
Before I could even draw a bead,
But his skin or flesh I did not need,
So I did not despair
That I lost the hare that wasn’t there.


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