25th Annual WCCW Conference.

Another great conference has come to a close!

In spite of the many challenges faced by all, attendance was greater than we had expected, participation was enthusiastic, and each session was  informative and enlightening.

Author Meg Dendler led a morning and afternoon session focused on writing for children and running with inspiration.

Author JC Crumpton spoke on writing mysteries and world building.

Author Dot Hatfield led a session on playwriting and developing dialogue.

The current crisis made it difficult for some to travel to Central Arkansas for the Conference. You were greatly missed. It’s not too early to make plans for next year! (September 4, 2021)

Here are some pictures of this year’s event.

Author / Publishers Shannon Vannatter and Linda Fulkerson.

Author Brenda Iannacone.

Marketing Consultant Kim McPherson (bestellerbound.com)

Author Rachel Greenwood.

JC Crumpton
Featured Speaker JC Crumpton.

Meg Dendler
Featured Speaker Meg Dendler.

Dot Hatfield
Featured Speaker Dot Hatfield.

Conference attendees Martha and Bonnie.

Antony Wood
Soon-to-be published (December 2020) historical fiction writer Anthony Wood.

Gene Laviness
Contest winner Gene La Viness.

Conference attendee Steve Graff.

WCCW members Leticia and Lisa.

Jacqueline Holmes
Author Jacqueline Holmes.

Conference attendee Bonnie.

Conference attendee Tracy.

Author, contest winner, and Arkansas Hall of Fame member Del Garrett.

Contest winner Dr. Rebecca Foster with daughter Kristen.

Contest winner Martha Rodriguez.

Conference attendee Jan.

Conference attendee Sharon.

Conference attendees Janet and Lesa.

Conference attendees Mike and Sharon.

Rhonda Roberts address the conference.

John McPherson
WCCW President John McPherson.

The remarkably well-read Ellen Withers.

Contest Winner Cheri.

Conference attendees Sam and Jan.

Conference attendees Tracy and Karen.

Conference administrator Kimberly Vernon-Rodgers.

Featured Speaker Meg Dendler leads a session.

Meg Dendler speaks on creativity.

Conference attendee Deborah.

Featured Speaker Dot Hatfield leads a section on dialogue.

Conference attendee Anita.

Featured speaker JC Crumpton leads a session on world building.

Author Rachel Greenwood at the afternoon read around.

Author and contest winner Renee La Viness.

Contest winner Donna Nelson at the afternoon read around.

WCCW member Leticia Harris at the afternoon read around.

Contest winner Mike Bass at the afternoon read around.