Writing Contests

Here are the sponsored contests and winners for the 2018 Writers Conference.

This year more than 280 entries from all over the US competed for monetary prizes in 17 contests. Thanks to all who participated!


2018 Contest Winners

1. White County Creative Writers Award:
Senior Citizen Romance, 3000 word max.
Sponsor: White County Creative Writers.

First: Perry F. Kuntz for “Love Letter”
Second: Sam Sullivan for “Of Apes and Men”
Third: Kim Vernon for “Dancing with Joy”
1 HM: Cheri Lynn Quattrochi for “Embracing Life”
2 HM: Anita Smith for “Winning Clara’s Heart”
3HM: Daniel Leonard for “The Dance”

2. Carolyn Sanders Memorial Award:
Fact or fiction story about an overwhelmed caregiver in a difficult situation.
Sponsor: Peggy Sanders.

First: Sandra Boutwell-Falcone for “Stormy Night”
Second: Mary Lou Moran for “Into God’s Hands”
Third (tie): Gary Rodgers for “Learning to See”
Third (tie): Gary L. Breezeel for “What Now?”
Third (tie): C. Allan Butkus for “A Burden Too Heavy”
1 HM: Carroll Head for “Helpless”
2 HM: Del Garrett for “Caregivers Need Help Too.”
3 HM: Shelley Anne Richter for “A Different Path”

3. Del Garrett’s Gimme the Creeps Award:
Psychological Horror. Twilight Zone short story.
Sponsor: Del Garrett.

First: Sam Sullivan for “No Vacancy”
Second: John McPherson for “The Captain’s Boots”
Third: Daniel Wantulok for “A Noise in the Cellar”
1 HM: Gary Rodgers for “Sergeant James”
2 HM: Jerry Davis for “Plants are People Too.”
3 HM: Shelley Anne Richter for “The House Only I Could Live In”

4. RobertsFamilyArk Award:
Poetry, any subject, any form.
Sponsor: Rhonda Roberts.

First: Jerry Davis for “After the Fall”
Second: Nick Sweet for “Decent/Descent”
Third: Ariel Teague for “Memoriam”
1 HM: Barbara Shepherd for “Wind”
2 HM: Martha Rodriguez for “Love that Grows”
3 HM: Debbie Archer for “Hate Weeds”

5. Roots:
Tell the story of how a tradition has become part of your family’s life.
Sponsor: Gayle Glass.

First: Peggy Sanders for “Post Traumatic Brussels Sprouts Disorder and the Three Bite Rule”
Second: Fay Smalling Guinn for “Treasure Hunt”
Third: Daniel Leonard for “Visits to Cape Cod”
HM: Anne Winchester for “Betsy Bug Crazy”

6. Gin Creek Poetry Award:
A rondeau poem. Any subject.
Sponsor: Gin Creek Poets.

First: Catherine Moran for “My Mother’s Mink”
Second: Dennis R. Patton for “Summer Adventure”
Third: Fay Smalling Guinn for “Maysa Gabriel”
1 HM: Barbara Blanks for “The Seeds if Love”
2 HM: Pat Laster for “Friends”
3 HM: Sam Sullivan for “A Ark’nsas Hillybilly’s Po’m of Praise”

7. Grandma Dot Award:
Children’s story for non-readers.
Sponsor: Dot Hatfield.

First: Angela Harrison for “Again, and Again, and Again”
Second: John McPherson for “The Amazing Peanut Butter Boy”
Third: Renee’ La Viness for “My Favorite Toy Car”
1 HM: Donna Nelson for “Names are Important”
2 HM: Del Garrett for “Valentines Are for Love”
3 HM: Connor Wantulok for “The Dancing Ninja”

8. It’s a Terzanelle!
Look it up. Write one. Any Subject.
Sponsor: Gayle Glass.

First: Barbara Blanks for “Ruby Bridges, Elementary Force for Change”
Second: Holly Threm Goslin for “Mighty Monarch”
Third: Dennis R. Patton for “Mountain Pride”
1 HM: Pat Laster for “Even the Sun Can’t Stop Progress”
2 HM: Sam Sullivan for “Owed to a Groundhog”
3 HM: Yvonne Nunn for “Hybernating Time”

9. Take Me Away Award:
Take me on your favorite road trip.
Sponsor: Gary Rodgers.

First: Gary L. Breezeel for “California, Here I Come”
Second: Christine Henderson for “On Bikers and Bravery”
Third: Cheri Lynn Quattrochi for “Tour d’homes and A Few Swamps”
1 HM: Renee Ramsey for “Road Trip”
2 HM: Fay Smalling Guinn for “Presidents and Prairie Dogs”
3 HM: Sandra Boutwell-Falcone for “Portland Trip”

10. The How-To Contest:
Tell us step-by-step how to master any process, from building a rocket to finding inner peace.
Sponsor: Steve May.

First: Mary Lou Moran for “How to Write a Press Release”
Second: Renee’ La Viness for “How to Lose Your Family Gofer Job”
Third: Cheri Lynn Quattrochi for “How to Make a Book Christmas Tree”
HM: William Bohannan for “How to Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich”
HM: Peggy Sanders for “Privy Secret: How to Build an Outhouse”
HM: Barbara Shepherd for “How to Turn Ninety in Style”

11. Make it Count Award:
A Nonet poem, any subject.
Sponsor: Kim Vernon.

First: Sara Gipson for “Price for Plucking Peonies”
Second: Sam Sullivan for “To Mrs. G”
Third: Shelley Anne Richter for “Braced in the Wind”
1 HM: Debbie Lincoln for “My Writer’s Mind”
2 HM: Holly Threm Goslin for “heartbreak”
3 HM: Donna Nelson for “Dry July”

12. Zippy Kids Award:
Childhood adventures while seeking one of the Arkansas lost treasure legends.
Sponsor: The Wantulok Family/Zippy Kids.

First: Gary L. Breezeel for “Lost Treasure”
Second: Gary Rodgers for “The Osage Silver Mine”
Third: Shelly Anne Richter for “The Getting Place”

13. Whodunnit? Award:
Short story featuring an amateur detective who solves a murder.
Sponsor: Gary Breezeel.

First: Gary R. Hoffman for “Bertha’s Begonias”
Second: Shelley Anne Richter for “Butcher’s Dog”
Third: Debbie Wantulok for “Murder at Schoolhouse Cave”
1 HM: Del Garrett for “The Case of the Adulterated Actress”
2 HM: Jerry Davis for “The Rocket Science Murder”
3 HM: Daniel Leonard for “All Knotted Up”

14. Lovepat Press Award:
Sonnet, any subject. 14 lines.
Sponsor: Pat Laster.

First: Dennis R. Patton for “Night Light Among the Trees”
Second: Christine Henderson for “Lessons From My Mother”
Third: Fay Smalling Guinn for “If I Can Make You Smile”
1 HM: Yvonne Nunn for “Voices of Hope”
2 HM: Kim Vernon for “Ode to a Cadillac DeVille”
3 HM: Holly Threm Goslin for “More than ‘Horror’”

15. Upon Reflection:
Humorous fantasy short story. Protagonist can see the future and tries to change it.
Sponsor: Carol Hodges.

First: Peggy Sanders for “The Wow-some Weirdness of an Average Wonder Woman”
Second: Gary L. Breezeel for “Gadget Goes Bonkers”
Third: Gene La Viness for “Scott’s First Case”
1 HM: Gary Rodgers for “Glimpses of Celia”
2 HM: Shelly Anne Richter for “Independence Day”
3 HM: Mary Lou Moran for “Never Look Back”

16. Write it Right:
Newspaper article. A reporter must cover a moonshine festival for a local paper in a DRY county.
Sponsor: Penpoint Writers Group.

First: Kim Vernon for “Moon Shines on Local Festival”
Second: Peggy Sanders for “Brewing Up Harvest Hogwash in Obediah County”
Third: Jerry Davis for “Local Festival Popular in First Year”

17. The Kitchen Sink Award:
Short prose, any subject.
Sponsor: Vernon-Rodgers Tales.

First: Barbara Blanks for “Shifting Fears”
Second: Gary R. Breezeel for “Grandma’s Secrets”
Third: Gary R. Hoffman for “Love Abyss Springs”
1 HM: Barbara Shepherd for “One Cold Night”
2 HM: Peggy Sanders for “Beauty’s in the Eye of the Beholder”
3 HM: Gene La Viness for “the Lady of Csernia”

The Best of the Best:
This year an award was presented to The “Best of the Best”. All top-winning prizes were evaluated, and the overall winning entry was “The Wow-some Weirdness of an Average Wonder Woman” by Peggy Sanders.