Fay Smalling Guinn

2019 Contest Winners

More than 270 entries were received from all across the USA. Dozens of individuals collected cash prizes.

Each year the contest winners are announced during the conference luncheon.

1. White County Creative Writers Award:
A short story romance. 800 words or less. Aim toward the Women’s World Magazine guidelines. Awards: $50 First Place / $30 Second Place / $20 Third Place. Sponsor: White County Creative Writers.

First: Cheri Lynn Quattrochi for “Making Music”
Second: Tamara Shaffer for “Love Makes a Visit”
Third: Martha Rodriguez for “Flower Garden Love”
Honorable Mention: Kimberly Vernon for “Opening Doors”

2. Zippy Kids Award: The Piece/Peace Makers:
Best friends travel back in time to the Revolutionary War to mend the world, demonstrating how a single moment in history changes the world for all time. 1,200 – 3,000 words. Sponsor: Zippy Kids

First: Del Garrett for “A Time for Heroes”
Second: Shelley Anne Richter for “Peacekeepers of the Continental Congress”
Third: Gary L. Breezeel for “Transatlantic Union”
HM: Gary Rodgers for “A Better America”

3. Take a Vacation:
Creative Non-Fiction story about a vacation. Tell us a true story but make it entertaining. 1500 word max. Sponsor: Vernon-Rodgers Tales

First: Shelley Anne Richter for “Rapture in Eureka”
Second: Jane Gatewood for “About an Inch”
Third: Donna Nelson for “You Had to be There”
1 HM: Gary R. Hoffman for “A Memorable Camping Trip”
2 HM: Fay Smalling Guinn for “Girl in the White Bathing Suit”

4. PenPoint Writers Award:
Scary short story, fiction. Between 1500-2000 words. Any genre, any subject. NO sex or violence. Must include the following: an abandoned lake house, inclement weather, and a mysterious light. Sponsor: PenPoint Writers Group.

First: Renee’ La Vines for “Truth or Dare”
Second: Kimberly Vernon for “Hike at Crater Lake”
Third: Gary Rodgers for “The Lights of Providence”
1 HM: C. Allen Butkus for “On the Lakeshore”
2 HM: Martha Rodriguez for “Forsaken”
3 HM: Gary L Breezeel for “More Things in Heaven and Earth”

5. Granny’s Gadgets Award:
Story about keepsakes found in a very old trunk discovered in a country barn, and about the great grandmother they belonged to. 2000 words max. Formatting counts. Sponsor: Peggy Sanders

First: Gary L Breezeel for “Grandma’s Legacy”
Second: Jane Gatewood for “Southern Comfort at Christmastime”
Third: Debra Wantulok for “The Future Holds what the Past Already Knows”
1 HM: Sam Sullivan for “Granny Pearl’s Kente Quilt”
2 HM: Gary Rodgers for “The Greatest Woman”
3 HM: John McPherson for “The Rooster Jars”

6. Whodunnit Award:
Short story in which a dead body is discovered at a well-known Arkansas landmark (e.g., Tolec Mounds, Petit Jean Mountain, Crater of Diamonds State Park). Foul play is indicated. Create a sleuth who solves the crime. Make the setting an integral part of your story. 2500 word max. No erotica or profanity. Sponsor: Gary Breezeel

First: Kimberly Vernon for “Murder at Turpentine Creek”
Second: Gary Rodgers for “Cover-Up at the Caverns”
Third: Gary R. Hoffman for “The Judge Would Have Grinned”
HM: Kristin Wood for “Something in the Water”

7. LovePat Press Award:
Personal essay. Subject “How Things Are Different From How You Expected Them to Be.” 1000 words or less. Sponsor: Pat Laster

First: Gary R. Hoffman for “The Big Eight O”
Second: Dorothy Johnson for “How Things are Different From How I Expected Them to Be”
Third: Gary Rodgers for “You’re Not My Real Dad”
1 HM: Fay Smalling Guinn for “Sister Gone”
2 HM: Teresa Reynolds for “I Was Never in Control”
3 HM: Cheri Lynn Quattrochi for “Hospital Homesteader”

8. Reversal Award:
Rhymed Poetry, any subject. Eight lines — two 4 line stanzas or one 8 line stanza. Rhyme scheme: a-b-c-d-d-c-b-a. Sponsor: Gayle Glass

First: John McPherson for “The Crystal Clear Waters of Ordinary Madness”
Second: Catherine Moran for “My Middle Child”
Third: Donna Nelson for “Time Flies”
1 HM: Gene La Viness for “Soldiers”
2 HM: Sam Sullivan for “The Writer’s Life”
3 HM: Geneva King McDaniel for “Life Just Keeps Happening”

9. RobertsFamilyArk Award:
Children’s Picture Book. Text only. 500 words. Sponsor: Rhonda Roberts.

First: Debbie Archer for “The Reading Bouquet”
Second: Freeda Baker Nichols for “Pony of Mine”
Third: Debra Wantulok for “I Can Do it Myself”
1 HM: Bonnie Best for “Cletus”
2 HM: Dorothy Johnson for “Jet Finds a Home”
3 HM: Geneva King McDaniel for “The Strange Woes of Bolivar Smoze”

10. The Take Five Award:
A cinquain poem, any subject. Sponsor: Gayle Glass.

First: John McPherson for “July Paradox”
Second: Shelley Anne Richter for “Orange Glow”
Third: Fay Smalling Guinn for “Perfect Ten”
1 HM: Catherine Moran for “I’ll Give You a Call”
2 HM: Kimberly Vernon for “Spring Rain”
3 HM: Freeda Baker Nichols for “The Color Blue”

11. Del Garrett’s Gimme the Creeps Award:
Horror story (no slashers) about a midnight adventure in a graveyard. Length: 1000 to 1500 words. Indicate in upper left corner of title page if you want the story published in upcoming anthology. No extra payment, but you will receive a free copy of the book, if accepted. Sponsor: Del Garrett

First: Kimberly Vernon for “Monster in the Graveyard”
Second: Sandra Boutwell-Falcone for “Midnight in the Garden of Yellow Fever”
Third: Martha Rodriguez for “Lovely Bones”
1 HM: Anthony Wood for “Graveyard Reckoning”
2 HM: Gary L. Breezeel for “Grave Outcome”
3 HM:   Kristen Wood for “Grave Danger”

12. Nelson Poetry Award:
Poem for children, any subject. Must have a clear rhyme scheme. 20 line limit. Sponsor: Dennis and Donna Nelson

First: John McPherson for “Freddy the Rooster”
Second: Kimberly Vernon for “Sunday Fun Day”
Third: Catherine Moran for “All About Dirt”
1 HM: Martha Rodriguez for “I Wonder”
2 HM: Del Garrett for “Rainbows Follow Rain”
3 HM: Fay Smalling Guinn for “Fascination”

13. How-to Contest:
Tell us step-by-step how to master any process, from building a rocket, to boiling water, finding inner peace, your choice. 1000 words or less. Sponsor: Steve May

First: Chrissy Willis for “How to Annihilate the Fiends of the Coming Summer Apocalypse”
Second: Donna Nelson for “How to Administer CPR”
Third: Shelley Anne Richter for “Skipping Stones”
HM: Fay Smalling Guinn for “How to Write Badly”

14. Rescue Award:
True story about a dog or cat (or other animal) rescue, especially from a shelter. 1200 words max.Sponsor: Gary Rodgers.

First: Dorothy Johnson for “Queen Lola”
Second: Gary R. Hoffman for “Lady Di”
Third: Fay Smalling Guinn for “Fraidy Cat”
HM: Shelley Anne Richter for “A Dog Named Wide Load”

15. Stranger Adventures:
Humorous Fantasy Short Story. 2,500 max words. Otherworldly being willingly or unwillingly inhabits the body of a middle school teacher for a week. For brief critique, request on first page of entry. Sponsor:  Carol Hodges.

First: Sandra Boutwell-Falcone for “Teacher’s Aid”
Second: Cheryl Cleek for “My Time at Westmont Junior High”
Third: Martha Rodriguez for “The Green One”
1 HM: Gary Rodgers for “Teacher of the Year”
2HM: Shelley Ann Richter for “Stewart P. Gullaby”
3HM: Gary Breezeel for “I’ve Got You Babe”

16. Gin Creek Poetry:
A free verse poem. Subject: your thoughts on or reaction to Robert Frost’s Mending Wall. 40 lines max. Sponsor: Gin Creek Poets.

First: Kitty Smith for “The Wall”
Second: Cheri Lynn Quattrochi for “To Wall or Not to Wall”
Third: Gary Rodgers for “Walls for Friends”
HM: Sam Sullivan for “Thoughts on Robert Frost’s Mending Wall”

17. Let’s Play Award:
One act play, 20 – 40 pages. Will NOT be judged on formatting as long as the judge can tell who is talking and what they are doing. Sponsor: Dot Hatfield.

First: Gary Rodgers for “Dumb Luck Earl”
Second: Del Garrett for “Dead End on a Dirt Road”
Third: Shelley Anne Richter for “A View of Death”

Congratulations to all winners! Special thanks to all contest sponsors and to all the writers who participated in our contests this year.