Here are the sponsored contests and winners for the 2017 Writers Conference.

This year more than 235 entries from a Florida to Alaska competed for monetary prizes in 20 contests. Thanks to all who participated!

White County Creative Writers Contest Winners
Writers Contest winners, 2017


2017 Contest Winners

Contest Winner Gary Breezeel1. Don’t Believe Your Eyes
Fiction where things aren’t as they seem.
Sponsor: White County Creative Writers

First: Gary L. Breezeel for “Deception”
Second: Jerry Davis for “It’s Been Real”
Third: Christy M. English for “Told You So”
1 HM: Gary Hoffman for “For the Love of Kristen”
2 HM: Glenda Hughes for “Pink is the New Red”
3HM: Anita Stafford for “My Secret Whirl”

Contest Winner C. Allen Butkus2. 60/40 Award
Essay about the teacher or coach who demanded excellence from you, and how that affected your life.
Sponsor: Peggy Sanders

First (60): C Allan Butkus for “Finding Seeds”
Second (40): Christine Henderson for “Tribute”


Contest Winner C. Allen Butkus3. Zippy Kids Award
A day in the life of a 19th century Arkansan seen through the eyes of a child.
Sponsor: The Wantulok Family/Zippy Kids

First: C. Allan Butkus for “Lemonade in the Shade”
Second: Rita Dortch for “A Day in My Life”
Third: Kim Vernon for “Just a Regular Sunday”
1 HM: Syble Dycus Ussery for “What a Day”

Contest Winner Jerry Rodgers4. DON’T BURST MY BUBBLE
Humorous fantasy short story with at least 1 balloon as a pivotal part of the plot.
Sponsor: Carol Hodges

First: Gary Rodgers for “Framed”
Second: Gary L. Breezeel for “Best-Laid Plans”
Third: Jerry Davis for “Floating Through Life”
1 HM: Kim Vernon for “Dan the Balloon Man and the High-Heeled Shoes”
2 HM: Gary R. Hoffman for “I Want to Fly”
3 HM: Layne Fleming for “Gloria the Good Witch”

Christine Henderson Contest Winner5. Weird Al Contest Award
Song parody. Write new words (humorous or serious) to the tune of either “Dixie” or “White Christmas.”
Sponsor: Dorothy Hatfield

First: Christine Henderson for “In Denver”
Second: Debbie Wantulok for “Fried Bacon”
Third: Fay Smalling Guinn for “Skinny Land”
1 HM: Patricia Oplinger for “Summer Days”
2 HM: Cheri Lynn Quattrochi for “I’m Dreaming of a Small Christmas”
3 HM: Jerry Davis for “The Walmart Carol”

Contest Winner Faye Smalling Guinn6. Just A Minute
A minute poem.
Sponsor: Gin Creek Poets

First: Fay Smalling Guinn for “Don’t Wear White While Sitting Outside With Birds”
Second: Dennis Humphrey for “What the Well Whispered”
Third: Catherine Moran for “Cementing immortality”
1 HM: Pat Laster for “The Twelve Year Old”
2 HM: Patricia Oplinger for “Legendary Laureate”
3 HM: Geneva King Emerson for “Empty Dreams”

Contest Winner Cheri Lynn Quattrochi7. What the He** is a Villanelle?
Award – Villanelle, any subject.
Sponsor: Gayle Glass

First: Cheri Lynn Quattrochi for “The Wallflower”
Second: Yvonne Nunn for “Out of the Darkness Comes Light”
Third: Pat Laster for “Men”
1 HM: John McPherson for “The Old Records and Me”
2 HM: Patricia Oplinger for “Drink Them In”
3 HM: Fay Smalling Guinn for “My Mom and Me”

Contest Winner Amanda Partridge8. Home Sweet Home
Free verse poem, 24 lines max. Subject – Home.
Sponsor: Kim Vernon

First: Amanda J. Partridge for “Glimpses of Home”
Second: Debbie C. Lincoln for “My Home”
Third: Fay Smalling Guinn for “What Happened to My Home Sweet Home”
1 HM: Gary Rodgers for “Return”
2 HM: Christine Henderson for “Return”
3 HM: Sally Clark for “Crop Rotation”

9. Five Word Contest
Prose, any genre.
Sponsor: Penpoint Writers Group

First: Beecher Smith for “Three Crooked Pigs”
Second: Gary Rodgers for “Redneck Yacht Club”
Third: Fay Smalling Guinn for “Some Days are Like That at Walmart”
1 HM: Gary L. Breezeel for “Missing”
2 HM: Rita Dortch for “Early Morning Memories”
3 HM: Gary R. Hoffman for “A Whale of a Tale”

Contest Winner Debbie Wantulok10. Del Garrett’s Gimme the Creeps Award
Psychological Horror.
Sponsor: Del Garrett

First: Debbie Wantulok for The Mended Cup
Second: John McPherson for A Mysterious State of Bliss
Third: Dennis Humphrey for “Toward Eternity”
1 HM: Mary Lou Moran for “Death Knocked at Midnight”
2 HM: Gary L. Breezeel for “Ghost Town”
3 HM: Gary Rodgers for “Trapped”

Contest Winner Jerry Rodgers11. The Gary R. Hoffman Award
Use your imagination and write a fictional autobiography of Gary R. Hoffman.
Sponsor: W.E.B. Enterprises and Glassworks, Ink

First: Gary Rodgers for “Gary Raymond Hoffman”
Second: Layne Fleming for “To Whom it May Concern”
Third: Sandra Boutwell-Falcone for “The Good Life in Obscurity”
1 HM: Gary L. Breezeel for “My Secret Life”
2 HM: Tiffany Moore for “White County Connections: An Autobiography”
3 HM: Kim Vernon for “Gary R. Hoffman, Nicknamed Steinbeck”

Contest Winner Jerry Davis12. Erdel Family Award
Humorous short story or memoir.
Sponsor: Ellen Withers

First: Jerry Davis for “It’s For You”
Second: Mickey Jordan for “Bending the Rules”
Third: Beecher Smith for “Grandpa Frank, His Bostons, etc.”
1 HM: Gary R. Breezeel for “The Bright Lights”
2 HM: Jim Gabelhausen for “Early Morning”
3 HM: Debbie Wantulok for “Sister Lena’s Advice”

Contest Winner Jerry Rodgers13. Whodunnit?
Short story about a damsel in distress set primarily outdoors (E.g., beach, mountains, forest, etc.). Who is trying to harm her & why? Can she save herself? Will she be rescued by a dashing hero?
Sponsor: Gary Breezeel

First: Jerry Davis for “The Lion in the Miata”
Second: Del Garrett for “Rosaleen”
Third: Gary R. Hoffman for “Monty the County Mounty”

Contest Winner Kim Vernon14. Lovepat Press Award
Haiku sequence: modern or traditional.
Sponsor: Pat Laster

First: Kim Vernon for “June Garden”
Second: John McPherson for “Trails Plowed Under”
Third: Amanda J. Partridge for “Hiking”
1 HM: Patricia A. Oplinger for “In the Foothills”
2 HM: Christine Henderson for “July”
3 HM: Mary Lou Moran for “Dead Tree Forest”

Contest Winner Gary Breezeel15. The Rest is History
What if a major historical event had happened differently?
Sponsor: Gary Rodgers

First: Gary L. Breezeel for “Surprise Attack!”
Sedond: Sandra Boutwell-Falcone for “Long Lived the King”
Third: Gary R. Hoffman for “Conduct Unbecoming”

Contest Winner Jerry Rodgers16. Treasure Hunt
Provide clues and solution for a St. Patrick’s Day treasure hunt at a celebration weekend.
Sponsor: Brenda Iannacone

First: Jerry Davis for “The Golden Shamrock”
Second: Gary R. Hoffman for “HICC’s Treasure Hunt”

Contest Winner Sandra Boutwell Falcone17. That’s Life Award
Couple must meet, have a falling out, and reconcile in 800 words or less.
Sponsor: RobertsFamilyArk

First: Sandra Boutwell-Falcone for “Dear Diary”
Sedond: Cheri Lynn Quattrochi for “Impressions”
Third: Mary Lou Moran for “Second Chances”
1 HM: Dennis Humphrey for “Pale Bird Woman”
2 HM: Gary R. Hoffman for “A Garden of Relationships”
3 HM: Gary R. Breezeel for “Oops!”

18. Take Five
Cinquain poem.
Sponsor: Rhonda Roberts & Kim Vernon

First: Yvonne Nunn for “Tree Leaves”
Second: Rita L. Thomas for “Friend”
Third: Gary Rodgers for “Forest”
1 HM: Amanda J. Partridge for “Fireflies”
2 HM: Dennis Humphrey for “Aubade”
3 HM: Pat Laster for “Solo Opera”

19. River Poets Award
Double Etheree poem. Subject: Woman’s work.
Sponsor: River Poets of Batesville

First: Catherine Moran for “We”
Second: Cheri Lynn Quattrochi for “Fulcrum”
Third: Yvonne Nunn for “Fair is Fair”

20. Southern Story Award (Open to Arkansas residents only)
Short Story, any genre, 2000 words max. Create your best “Southern tale.”
Sponsor: Madelyn F. Young

First: Gary L. Breezeel for “Canny Canine”
Second: Kim Vernon for “Don’t Judge a Book”
Third: Gary Rodgers for “Cannon Hollow Gold”
1 HM: Dennis Humphrey for “Visitation”
2 HM: Tracy Adams for “Charlie and the Butterfly”
3 HM: Jane Gatewood for “Southern Sin in Hog Heaven”