Dot HatfieldEvery month or so we spotlight one of our members.

This time around, we feature a short piece by Dot Hatfield, written in 2017 as exercise in a WCCW meeting. The challenge was to write a vignette using only dialog and no attributives.

We hope you enjoy her work!

An Adventure in Rappelling

“Eddie, I gotta tell you, there is no way we’re going to be able to do this.”

“What are you talking about? People do it all the time.”

“Yeah. But that’s with the proper gear. I don’t think anyone has rappelled down this cliff using 50 neckties for a rope.”

“Look, Nick. I’ll go first. Then you’ll see how it works. Now help me make sure all these knots are tight.”

“Okay. Whoa! Look, those two pulled apart. You oughta know you can’t tie two pieces of silk together and expect it to hold. I tell you, you’re gonna fall on your can.”

“Nicky, Nicky, Nicky. Just take those two outta there. That’ll work.”

“Will it still be long enough?”

“Sure. Probably.”

“You’re going to plummet to your death, Eddie my boy. What should I tell your mother?”

“Shut up and help me hook this to my belt.”

“That carabiner doesn’t lock. Where did you get that?”

“Off my keychain. Come on, give me a hand.”

“And you expect it to hold if something breaks?”

“You are such a downer.”

“Come on, seriously, Eddie. Let’s sit down and think this over.”

“I have. I’m calm and confident. I’m lovable and capable. Here. Hold my beer.”

You can view Dot’s page here.