Announcing the 2021 Writing Contests!

Here are the sponsored contests for 2021.
Enter as many as you like!

This year WCCW is offering 22 sponsored contests — open to any writer, any where. You don’t have to be a member to enter any of our contests. Just read the list below, mark your favorites, print the entry form, dust off your typewriter, and get busy! Postmark deadline for entries is July 31, 2021.

Winners will be announced at the 26th Annual WCCW Conference. (Winners not present will be notified via mail.)

Contest rules (and a sample entry example) are located at the bottom of the page.

Each contest has special award for first, second, and third prizes. Unless otherwise indicated, contests offer the following awards:
1st place $25 | 2nd place $15 | 3rd Place $10

Print a contest entry form here.

2021 Writers Contests

1. WCCW Cozy Mystery Contest.
Short story. A corpse turns up in an idyllic small town. The police think it was a suicide but your protagonist believes differently. 2000-2500 words.
Awards: $75 First Place / $50 Second Place / $25 Third Place
Sponsor: White County Creative Writers

2. Historical Fiction Contest.
Any subject, 2000 words max.
Awards: $75 First Place / $50 Second Place / $25 Third Place
Sponsor: BCC Freight Haulers

3. WCCW Western Award.
Traditional Western short story. Pre-1900 and west of the Mississippi. 2500-word max.
Awards: $75 First Place / $50 Second Place / $25 Third Place
Sponsor: White County Creative Writers

4. Don’t Have a Date Contest.
Historical Fiction Adventure. Adventure short story set in any specific time in history, but must not mention the date. Writer must use story details and descriptions as clues to allow judges to guess the time period. 2500 word max. (Please specify the date of your story on your cover sheet.)
Awards: $50 First Place / $30 Second Place / $20 Third Place
Sponsors: Gary and Kim Rodgers

5. Make Me Laugh Award.
Any genre humorous fiction or nonfiction. Subject: Humorous Life in America. 1500-word max.
Awards: $50 First Place / $30 Second Place / $20 Third Place
Sponsor: Razorback Auto Sales.

The following contest awards are:
$25 First Place | $15 Second Place | $10 Third Place

6. Mystic Pawn Contest.
Sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal. You visit a pawn shop where nothing is as ordinary as it seems. 2000-word max.
Sponsor: Lindsey Plumbing, Inc.

7. Fledgling Dragon Contest.
Write a 1-page synopsis for a Young Adult fiction novel, any subject. 1 page max.
Sponsor: Chrissy Willis

8. Happiness Is… Contest.
Personal Essay. Subject: Joy. Tell me the thing or things that bring joy to your life. 1000 words max.
Sponsor: Christine Henderson

9. Glassworks Poetry Contest.
Pantoum (Shadow Poetry – Poetry Types – Pantoum) Subject : Recharging. Length : minimum 12 lines, max 20 lines.
Sponsor: Gayle Glass

10. Whodunnit?
Murder mystery short story. A 1940s private detective on the order of Sam Spade from The Maltese Falcon plays a leading role in solving a murder. G or PG only. 2500 words max.
Sponsor: Gary Breezeel

11. Granny Prewitt Award.
Something a grandparent or older person taught you that people don’t do any more. Creative nonfiction. 1500 words max.
Sponsor: Anthony Wood

12. Family History FICTION Award.
Short story. Tell us how a fictional character found their elusive ancestor. Make it realistic but exciting. 2000-word max.
Sponsor: Renee La Viness

13. Would You Believe…?
Light-hearted fantasy short story. Character suspected of lying about a supernatural occurrence which s/he may or may not have caused. BRIEF critique given if requested on 1st page of story. 2500-word max.
Sponsor: Carol Hodges

14. Nursery Rhyme Time Contest.
Tercet in 4 stanzas, any subject, Preschool age appropriate, 12 lines, rhyme scheme AAA, BBB, CCC, DDD.
Sponsor: Donna Nelson

15. Humorous Essay – You Really Had to Be There.
A funny happenstance, true or fiction. 500 words max.
Sponsor: Dot Hatfield

16. Gin Creek Award.
Prose Poem. See for example. Subject: Honor. 20 lines max.
Sponsor: Gin Creek Poets

17. Morning Memo Award.
Inspirational essay. A brief devotional/motivational article intended to inspire and challenge the reader to get the most of this day. 500-word max.
Sponsor: Steve May

18. Del Garrett’s GIMME THE CREEPS Award.
Funny short story that includes a skeleton dance at a party, graveyard or haunted house. 1000 to 1500 words. Indicate on first page your willingness to be published in upcoming anthology.
Sponsor: Del Garrett

19. Paranormal Romance Contest.
Creative use of romance and paranormal are encouraged. No erotica. 2000-word max.
Sponsor: Ellen Withers

20. RobertsFamilyArk Poetry Contest.
Any subject. Any style. Length: Don’t make me slap you.
Sponsor: Rhonda Roberts

21. First Page Contest.
Judged by featured Conference Speaker / session leader Debra Butterfield. First 3-4 paragraphs of a fiction novel, maximum 450 words.
Sponsor: White County Creative Writers

22. Penpoint Writers Memorial Award.
In honor of James Eades and Debbie Lincoln. Animal short story, 1500 word max. Must include the words love, talented and rain.
Sponsor: Penpoint Writers Group


1. Conference registration does not include contest fees. Contest fees of $5.00 for the first entry and $3.00 for each additional entry thereafter must be mailed on or before July 31, 2021. Total your entry fees and make one check payable to White County Creative Writers.

Mail entries and fees to:
Dot Hatfield
802 W. Center
Beebe AR 72012.

No fees returned. Winners not attending will be notified by mail one week after the conference.

2. WCCW is not responsible for manuscripts lost, delayed, or received too late for judging. Do not send SASE: No entries will be returned. Entries will be destroyed two weeks after conference.

3. Only one typed, unpublished manuscript may be entered in each contest. Double-space prose; poetry may be double- or single-spaced. Use standard manuscript form.




4. No entry may be entered in more than one contest. No one may enter the contest for which he or she serves as sponsor, chairman, or judge. Noncompliance with ANY rules will result in a disqualified entry.

5. Put contest number and name of award in upper left corner of each manuscript. Show word/line count in upper right corner per several judges’ requests. Do not put your name on the manuscript. Attach a cover sheet to each manuscript with (a) number and name of contest, (b) title of entry, (c) first line of entry, and (d) your name, mailing address, and telephone number.

6. Prizes and other considerations: All awards $25/$15/$10 unless otherwise noted. HM’s awarded at judges’ discretion.

Print a contest entry form.