Here are the sponsored contests for the 2016 Writers Conference. Enter as many as you like.

Contest rules are located at the bottom of the page.

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Writers Contests for 2016

1. White County Creative Writers Award
2000 word short story, any subject. Awards $50/35/15.
Sponsor: White County Creative Writers

1st Place: Jason Glass We Still Need a Hero;
2nd Place: Peggy Sanders Bringing Home the Bacon;
3rd Place: Kim Vernon Maddie’s Favorite Thing;
1HM: Fay Smalling Guinn Icy Dicey Arkansas;
2HM Sara Gipson Leprechaun Luck;
3HM Geneva King Emerson Eldora the Bully.

2. Erdel Family Award
First chapter of a novel – fiction or nonfiction, 10 pages maximum. No erotica.
Sponsor: Ellen Withers

1st Place: Del Garrett Children of the Moon
2nd Place: Peggy Sanders Agnes Gets Her Spunk Back
3rd Place: Anita Smith Two Brides at Riverbend
1HM: Glenda Hughes Miranda
2HM: Kim Vernon Just a Wish
3HM: Fay Smalling Guinn The Trailer

3. Zippy Kids Inc Award
Children’s story on Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy. 1000 word max.
Sponsor: Debbie Wantulok

1st Place: Gary L. Breezeel A Proper Garden
2nd Place: Pat Laster The Food Drive
3rd Place: Don Money Shining Star
HM Barbara Blanks The Amazing Pop-a-Doodle-To-Do

4. Looking Back Award
Write a letter to the person you were at 17, with advice and encouragement from your older/wiser self. 1500 word max.
Sponsor: Peggy Sanders

1st Place: Kim Vernon Dear Skinny, Smart-Mouthed, Seventeen-Year-Old Self
2nd Place: Fay Smalling Guinn What She Intended for Bad
3rd Place: Crystal Jones A Letter to Myself at Seventeen
1HM: Jason Glass Note to Self
2HM: Rita Dortch A Letter to My Younger Self
3HM: Del Garrett A Letter from Me to Me.

5. Del Garrett’s Gimme the Creeps Award
Victorian murder mystery with a Poe detective and a Hitchcock psychological plot. 1500 word max.
Sponsor: Del Garrett

1st Place: Gary Hoffman Freedom Voyage
2nd Place: Gary L. Breezeel Sleuth
3rd Place: Jason Glass The MacGuffin Case

6. Whodunnit Award
Mystery short story. A motley crew of assorted characters is assembled for some purpose in spooky old mansion, but someone has his own hidden agenda. One or more characters must solve the mystery before it’s too late. 2500 word max. No erotica or profanity. Must begin “It was a dark and stormy night…”
Sponsor: Gary Breezeel

1st Place: Jason Glass House Watcher
2nd Place: Tiffany Moore Class Reunion
3rd Place Jerry Davis But What About the Car?
HM: Peggy Sanders Shock Therapy

7. Good as Gold Award
Humorous fantasy short story about alchemy gone wrong. 2500 word max. Brief critique given if requested on first page.
Sponsor: Carol Hodges

1st Place: Peggy Sanders All a Man Wants
2nd Place: Jason Glass All That Glitters
3rd Place: Gary Breezeel All that Glitters
1HM: Barbara Blanks Cobs and Lobbers
2HM: Jerry Davis All That Glitters
3HM: Fay Smalling Guinn Miss Betty’s Bountiful Buffet Café

8. RobertsFamilyArk
Lyric poem, 40 line max. Subject: Ode to Poo. Keep it clean!
Sponsor: Rhonda Roberts

1st Place: Barbara Blanks Let the Chips Fall Where They May
2nd Place: Patricia A. Oplinger Ode to Poo
3rd Place: Anita Smith It All Depends
1HM: Peggy Sanders Only the Names Have Been Changed
2HM: Jim Gabelhausen Ode to Poo
3HM: Sally Clark Watch Where You Step

9. Village Writers’ Club Award
Humorous Short Story about a misunderstanding. 1500 word max.
Sponsor: Village Writers’ Club

1st Place: Peggy Sanders It’s the Thought That Counts
2nd Place: Layne Fleming A Perfect Fit
3rd Place: Fay Smalling Guinn Drinking With Episcopalians
1HM: Gary L. Breezeel Mix-up
2HM: Sara Gipson An Ozark Bride

10. Ekphrastic Poetry Award
40-line max. Poem about a work of art. NOT a description — explain how you react to it, or what you think the piece is showing you when you view it. Include copy of artwork.
Sponsors : Kim Vernon/Chris Henderson

1st Place: John McPherson Prometheus on Horseback
2nd Place: Sara Gipson Burdens of Women
3rd Place: Fay Smalling Guinn The Night the Universe Listened
1HM: Don Crowson Nocturnal Meditation
2HM: Barbara Blanks The Blue Boy
3HM: Peggy Sanders Ekphrastic Cat

11. Gin Creek Award
Concrete poem (Poem that takes the shape of its subject)
Sponsor: Gin Creek Poets

1st Place: Peggy Sanders Unrestrained
2nd Place: Debbie Lincoln Kites
3rd Place: Sara Gipson Recipe for a Poem
HM: Kayla Shown Dean Go Figure!

12. Pat Laster Poetry Contest
Poetry, any subject, any form, 36 line limit. Awards – 25/15/10, $5 for HMs
Sponsor: Pat Laster

1st Place: Don Crowson The Nebulous Veil
2nd Place: Barbara Blanks The Wayfarer
3rd Place: Sara Gipson A Vow Under Oak Boughs
1HM: Peggy Sanders Vada’s Biscuits
2HM: John McPherson Kites
3HM: Renee Ramsey Poetry in a Bottle

13. Vernon-Rodgers Family Memorial Award
Free verse poem, Max 40 lines. Subject – Sunday morning memories.
Sponsor: Kim Vernon

1st Place: Don Crowson The Window
2nd Place: Rita Dortch Suspended in Sunday Morning Stillness
3rd Place: Mary Lee Cunningham Summer Sunday Sanctuary
1HM: Barbara Blanks Grandma’s Bread
2HM: Renee Ramsey Sunday Mornings
3HM: Debbie C. Lincoln Sunday Morning Camp

14. Penpoint Award
Flash fiction, 50 words, any subject, any genre.
Sponsor: Penpoint Writers Group

1st Place: William Jones Faces on the Wall
2nd Place: Jason Glass The Fear
3rd Place: Gary R. Hoffman Just Now
HM: Barbara Blanks Crossing Rivers

15. CAW Award
Short Story, 1500 word Max, subject: your favorite pet.
Sponsor: Central Arkansas Writers

1st Place: Gary Rodgers Hootie the Owl
2nd Place: Lilly Hobbs Ralphie
3rd Place: Gary R. Hoffman A Three Foot Piece of Rope
1HM: Gary L Breezeel Wild Hare
2HM: Glenda Hughes Li’l Bit of Spoiled Sweetness
3HM: Barbara Blanks Sleeping With Dogs

16. Creative Non-Fiction
Creative Nonfiction, story or essay, 2000 words.
Sponsor: Dot Hatfield

1st Place: Peggy Sanders Home Again
2nd Place: Geneva King Emerson Spring Calls
3rd Place: Cheri Lynn Quattrochi My Mama, the Serial Killer
1HM: Tom Letchworth Christmas Eve Eve
2HM: Sara Gipson A Spring Adventure
3HM: Betty Sue Slaughter The Curb Market

17. River Poets Award
40 line limit free verse poem, Subject: Labor Day.
Sponsor: River Poets of Batesville

1st Place: John McPherson Laborer’s Day
2nd Place: Kim Vernon Labor Day
3rd Place: Fay Smalling Guinn Distraction in the Afternoon

18. Musical Memories Award
Essay about the music you loved as a teen. 1000 words max.
Sponsor: Gayle Glass

1st Place: Kim Vernon Soundtracks in Time
2nd Place: Peggy Sanders Wolfman Nights
3rd Place Cheri Lynn Quatrochi Rockin’ and Rollin’
1HM: Bonnie McAlarney The Song of Songs
2HM: John McPherson Up-Staged by Butterball

Thanks to all who participated in the 2016 Writer’s Contests!