Finding Inspiration to Write

Finding Inspiration to Write

Are you ever stuck? Not stuck in the mud or stuck in line, but stuck when finding inspiration to write. Have you applied your tried-and-true methods but still no deep revelations appear on the page?

Pull out photo albums, whether physical or electronic and revisit past experiences and events. The images can be sources for writing material, the uncle with military stories, the old friend who knows your youthful secrets, or the romance that was not meant to be. You can also draw inspiration from style, stance, and attitude in the photos. Pictures are worth a thousand words, quite literally.

Everyday experiences can be useful sources for your writing. Today, was your coffee lukewarm, the cereal soggy, or the eggs runny? What manifested during the night to make these foods undesirable? Are malevolent powers at work? A poem or story with the theme of soggy cereal should be an inspiration to anyone, right? It all started with a bowl of soggy cereal……….

Ask yourself how you prepare for work or hobbies. Are certain materials required? What is the preparation time? Do you feel anticipation and what other emotions do you notice? Dread, satisfaction, and confidence are useful emotions to include in your writing, along with materials certain characters need, or a time crunch to build a sense of urgency.

Where have you traveled and what did you observe? Did you meet someone new or greet an old acquaintance? Did your trip involve nature? Natural settings invoke multiple senses, sight, sound, smell, and textures. Travel experiences can be helpful to creative writing, if observed through writers’ eyes.

Try something new. New experiences are not only good for your soul, but also good for your writing. Try an activity that challenges you and places you outside your comfort zone. New occurrences and heightened emotions can kickstart the theme for your next project.

Lastly, when you are stuck, draw creativity from your family and friends. Approach people who offer encouragement and ask them for ideas. Ask them to provide one sentence and develop your subject matter from that sentence.

Finding inspiration to write can be challenging, but also thought provoking and pleasing. Ideas can come from memories, places, and events. Being an imaginative writer involves a curious and inventive mind and the ability to recognize writing material all around you.

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  1. Fleta,I so enjoyed your inspiring post. I havn’t written in a very long time. Your mention of photos really hit home. I have been going through old pictures and the memories just kept showing up. The people,the community and the stories I was reminded of that I can still tell!!

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