We are White County Creative Writers

WCCW is a friendly and outgoing writers group made up of poets, novelists, children’s writers, bloggers, journalists, non-fiction writers — representing every imaginable genre. We are located in Searcy Arkansas, but our community reaches around the world.

We offer resources for writers everywhere: a weekly blog, monthly newsletter, an annual writers conference, dozens of writing contests each year, and we meet together each month.

Writing Contests

The Writing Contests for the 2023 season have been announced, and are ready for you to begin. This year WCCW presents more than two dozen contests — including some old favorites and some brand new offerings.  As always, our contests are open to everyone. You don’t have to be a WCCW member or attend the Writers Conference to participate. Enter as many as you like! Click here to visit the contest page.

Come to our next meeting!

White County Creative Writers Group 2023

On May 15 we had another great meeting, with 23 in attendance. The program was led by Donna Nelson and John McPherson. It included a read around of poetry brought by group members, with discussion and evaluation of each poem. We also critiqued a short story from last month.

The plan for the June meeting is a group critique / evaluation of two more short stories. We also invite all those who participated in an AWC contest to read one of their entries.

If you live in Central Arkansas, we invite you to come visit us!  We meet on the third Monday of each month. Our next meeting is scheduled for June 19, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. The location is the conference room at Simmons Bank, 401 S. Main in Searcy.

We look forward to seeing you there!


MARK YOUR CALENDAR! The 28th Annual White County Creative Writers Conference  is sure to be our best ever!

The conference will take place on September 2, 2023. It will be in the same location as last year, at the White County Extension Service Building in Searcy.

We have two top-level speakers booked for the event: Linda Apple and Clarissa Willis.


You can view pictures from last year’s conference on our Facebook page.

The Creative Writer Newsletter

White County Creative Writers Group NewsletterEach month WCCW Press Secretary Del Garrett prepares a group newsletter for easy download offering news and updates of all WCCW activities, writers group news, as well as additional information of interest to all who are passionate about living the writing life.

You can download the most recent newsletter by clicking the link below.

Download the May 2023 Newsletter

Click here for a complete list of newsletters

The Write Way blog for Writers

Check out our blog!

WCCW has a blog especially for writers.  It’s called The Write Way.  Members of our group post articles on anything and everything related to the writing process: seeking inspiration, tips & techniques, improving your craft, finding your voice, and more. Click here to read our newest post.

About the White County Creative Writers Group

Since our inception in 1995, the White County Creative Writers group has had but one goal:  improving our craft. In this process, we have discovered that there are no rules! What challenges one member may come easy to another; what some have questions about, others furnish answers. That’s what makes this group work.

We have invited educators, authors, publishers and editors to speak to the group, formed critique groups, had members share learning experiences from other groups or workshops they have attended, and discussed what works and doesn’t work for each of us.

Over the years, some of the beginners have become masters, and the students have become the teachers. Each year brings new members who come with one simple question: “What can help make me a better writer?”

WCCW has undertaken such community projects as an annual poetry reading in celebration of National Poetry Day, writing contests for students in White County and an open challenge to groups and citizens of White County to raise funds for the public library.

Read more about how we began.