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Getting Ready to Write

During our last writers’ meeting, our exercise was to think of a non-writing related exercise or habit that helps you develop your craft as a writer. It was amazing to hear all the individual ways writers get ready to write. Besides contest deadlines, meditation, eavesdropping, encounters we have with the human/animal population and chocolate several fell into the categories of learning styles.

Auditory: Those who were auditory, listened to a specifically selected playlist to get them in the mood to write. Some may choose a song/music their character’s personality could relate to and use it as their muse. These writers may also read aloud the passages as they write to hear how a reader might respond to what was written and to make sure the lines are accurate to the personality of the character.

Kinesthetics: The kinesthetics discussed going for a run or hike, scrubbing dishes, or driving/exploring around to seek out new sights to get their story line figured out before it was time to type. This outdoor/in car movement causes their brains to relax so they can concentrate on the colors, descriptions, and physical parts of our world.

Visual: Writers of this type of use art, sculpture, or visual media to assist them in finding the right words to weave their story together. The study of art itself gives a writer a way to describe something using more accurate words than a general description might give. Media shows facial expressions, gestures and the use of body language to tell more than words could say which may help a writer “show” more elements of the character. Visual writers may use charts and graphs to map out their story to organize ideas and thoughts.

Read/Write: The read/write style is just as it says, writers take notes, research, write and rewrite for clarity and description. The notes and research add to the accuracy of the piece. Journaling is a helpful tool for these types of writers. Notes can be a text message to yourself reminding you of a perfect line you just thought of, to scraps of paper, store receipts, or my favorite junk mail. Anything becomes a free writing surface if you do not want to lose the “perfect” line you have been searching forever to find.

Whatever you use to create the spark of creativity within yourself, you have to keep going until your heart is full and the pages are written with what you have to say. Keep Writing!!

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