Tunnel Rat by Don Money

James GabelEach month we spotlight one of our members. This time around, we feature an excerpt from a soon-to-be-released novel by James Gabel.

James is the author of The Crew series. His newest release, excerpted below, is titled Fire and Lace. Here’s what James says about it:

“I read an article once about man’s ability to travel near the speed of light. I won’t bore you with the engineering details, but I was fascinated. It made me wonder, if this got into the wrong hands, how it could be used as a concussive WMD.

“In Fire and Lace, The Crew get involved by accident as one of the lead characters falls in love with a woman that is victim of such evil-minded people.”

We hope you enjoy his work!


e guessed her to be in her early thirties, maybe four or five years his younger. Her auburn hair flowed gently over her shoulders with loose curls that reminded Jack of a gently moving stream. Her slender form stood close to five feet seven inches, even taller in her heels. The type of woman that any man would consider stunning. To Jack, she held something far more.

Jack wanted to talk to her but for the first time, he felt threatened. After all, what did he have to offer? I’m nothing more than a soldier, he thought. My body is chewed up from shrapnel, bullets, and knives. The only thing I know is motorcycles and killing. His past haunted him when he saw her, but he always tried to make himself as presentable as possible when he went to the mailbox, or anywhere she might see him. He would tie his salt and pepper hair in a ponytail and run a comb through his beard, making sure no crumbs held on like a tick to a dog’s back.

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