Make Time to Write

Fellow Writers, and Procrastinators of writing,

Pop quiz before you read: Choose a punctuation mark for your response to:

“When it comes to time for writing, I have a choice_____”

A) [.]
B) [?]
C) [!]

I love to write! Just the mental process of arranging words onto a page make me smile. In essence, it is giving birth to words which bond together to form sentences, paragraphs, chapters, poems or whimsical notes to friends. After enough time and tender care those processes form into a tangible, living, breathing body of work.

So, if I feel this love so deeply, then why don’t I create a structured time to write? I have a choice.

I take time for the following:

• Husband (37 years and counting)
• Home (cleaning, shopping, cooking, celebrations)
• Playing with the grandkids (we have seven and all live close)
• Church (I help with a group of kids under sixth grade)
• Hold a very full-time job (which necessitates I spend time off the clock working)
• Civic Organization (I am Vice-President on the Board of Directors)
• I Pad games and television

So, I have a choice? I realized while writing this blog, I have a reason followed by a justification (excuse) on my above list. Stories do not write themselves, contest entries do not enter themselves, nor does any work submit itself for publication. Am I truly doing what I love to do — write?

Writing is a choice. Just like not writing is a choice. One of the most selfish, saddest, gut-wrenching aspects of writing could be words not yet put to paper: the thoughts, ideas and hopes for our world… never shared, and never to be pondered.

Make time to write, someone may need to laugh, cry or be amazed by what your words have to say.

You have a choice!

Rebecca Foster
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