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Coming Assignments

WCCW members are currently working on two assignments in conjunction with a two-part presentation series, “Developing Judges.” Here are the details.

Following up on Anthony Wood’s earlier presentation called, “How to Critique a Short Story,the April assignment is for all members is to write a 500 word max short story, any genre. Three brave members have already volunteered their stories to be critiqued and discussed by the group. This will be followed by a read around from all other members who participate in writing a short story for the assignment. So, bring your story!

In March, Donna Nelson and John McPherson, both accomplished award winning poets, presented, “How to Critique a Poem.” Members left with a much better understanding of poetry and how to critique it. For the May meeting: members are invited to write a poem for the critique session to be led by Donna and John.

The goal of these presentations is to develop contest judges, open the door to new contest sponsors, and as always, make us better writers. WCCW is committed to the growth and development of member’s creative skills and abilities to ensure the best of their talents are revealed in the quality of their writing.

You can learn more about our program schedule and upcoming assignments for 2023 here.

Come join us at our next meeting!

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