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The Arkansas Writers group held its 80th Annual Writers Conference on June 1 at the Hilton Garden in North Little Rock.

A major part of each year’s conference is announcing the winners of the AWC Contests. This year there were five contests, with 26 overall awards — 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, plus Honorable Mentions. Eight WCCW members were among the winners.

The winners of each contest are listed below. Winners who are members of White County Creative Writers are indicated with an arrow. Congratulations to all!

1. Carl J. Iannacone Memorial Award

1st place: Bambi L. George. Kismet and Kenzie

2nd place: Del Garrett. Family Prayer for Robbie

3rd place: C. Allan Butkus. Gathering of Clouds

1st Hon. Mention: Gary L. Breezeel. Relative Cupidity

2nd Hon Mention: Desiree Stipp-Bethune. Christmas Traditions

3rd Hon Mention: John McPherson. Firecracker Christmas

2. Wow! Press Award

1st place: Don Money. Burden to Bear

2nd place: Desiree’ Stipp-Bethune. Serious Promises

3rd place: Bambi L. George. A Promise Made to Myself

1st Hon Mention: Kimberly Vernon. Promises

2nd Hon Mention: Del Garrett. Another Year, Another Promise; This Time, One That I’d Keep

3rd Hon Mention: Gary Rodgers. A Promise Too Hard to Keep

3. 80th Anniversary Poetry Contest Award

1st place: Rickey Pittman. Arkansas Gypsy

2nd place: John McPherson. Visiting the Shrine

3rd place: Del Garrett. Grow with Arkansas

4. Mystery Award

1st place: Shelby Hogate. Illuminated Truths

2nd place: Gary L. Breezeel. A Light in the Darkness

3rd place: Rickey Pittman. Mysterious Lights in Ozark Meadow

1st Hon Mention: Gary Rodgers. Invasion

2nd Hon Mention: Del Garrett. Mystery Lights or Just Lightheaded

3rd Hon Mention: Dr. Rebecca Foster. The Harvest

5. Dusty Richards Memorial Prose Award

1st place: Kimberly Vernon. The Rustler’s Repentance

2nd place: Don Money. Ol’ Switcharoo

3rd place: Gary L. Breezeel. Double-Dealing at the Diamond D

1st Hon Mention: Sara Gipson. The Finley Barn Raising

2nd Hon Mention: Del Garrett. Justice in a Dusty Town

Congratulations to all winners. And special thanks to Arkansas Writers for sponsoring these contests.

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