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Anthony Wood: Hall of Fame Member

Arkansas Writers Hall of Fame member Anthony WoodWCCW President Anthony Wood was honored Saturday June 1st with induction into the Arkansas Writers Hall of Fame at the 80th Annual Arkansas Writers Conference in North Little Rock.

Anthony just added the sixth book, Storm of Terror, to his historical fiction series, A Tale of Two Colors, which is set in the Civil War South. Anthony’s writing has won many awards, including a Will Rogers Copper Medallion in 2021. He has been published in Saddlebag Dispatches as well as other magazines and anthologies.

Anthony’s wife, Lisa, his parents, and his brother and sister-in-law joined him for the ceremony.

In his induction speech, Anthony thanked the many people and influences that made the moment possible, making sure to list his Creator first and foremost. He continued to thank his family for their support and guidance. He also thanked educators and teachers from his past, stating, “I’m grateful for those people who saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. They encouraged me to write, and create art, and continue to share how I see the world.”

Anthony stated his goal as a writer is not just to write or sell books, but to make people think. And his writing certainly accomplishes that goal.

Anthony ended his speech with a challenge to the writers in the room. “I hope you’ll seek out the new writers, the young writers, and take them under your wing. Encourage, mentor, and teach them. Help them succeed. Help them to go farther than you’ve gone. That’s how you leave a legacy.”

WCCW congratulates Anthony, and we look forward to more great stories and books from this talented writer.

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