Downsized - Dot Hatfield

Downsized: A Poem

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This week’s story is from Dot Hatfield.


by Dot Hatfield

I’m not quite ready to look back and laugh
At the thing that happened last summer.
I heard the words, “Reduction of staff.”
And suddenly life was a bummer.

The euphemisms were all in place:
“Your job has been deleted.
It’s nothing personal. Take it with grace.”
But I went home dejected, defeated.

My friends said, “Cheer up! No need for gloom.”
I replied, “That’s not my condition.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I be in my room
Curled up in the fetal position.”

I cussed and I cried and I ate cookie dough;
I spent lots of time at the mall.
Then a Facebook post by someone I know
Told me, “Making a living and making a life is not the same thing after all.”

I shampooed my hair and got my nails done,
I brushed up my old resumé.
I called all my peeps and I told everyone,
“Thanks for being there. I’ll be okay.”

Some time has passed – six months and a half –
My soul has come many a mile.
I’m not quite ready to look back and laugh
But I can look forward and smile.

Dot Hatfield
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