Anthony WoodAnthony Wood

A native Mississippian, Anthony Wood enjoys writing historical fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and short stories. He has been writing since childhood.

Anthony served in a variety of ministry settings both in the U.S. and overseas. He co-authored Up Close and Personal: Embracing the Poor, has written a number of articles for various ministry publications, and self-published two books on spirituality.

Growing up in Natchez fueled Anthony’s love for history and an interest in his ancestors leading him to write a six book historical fiction series with two prequels in the works. His first book in the series, A Tale of Two Colors, White and Black was released May, 2021. The second will be available November, 2021, and one every six months thereafter.

He’s also contracted with Oghma Creative Media to publish two nonfiction books on Civil War topics and a mystery series involving his ministry years in Memphis, TN.

When Anthony isn’t busy researching and writing, he enjoys the solitude, stillness, and silence of hiking, camping, and especially kayaking on the Mississippi River.

Anthony and his wife, Lisa, live in North Little Rock where she serves as Assistant Principal for an elementary school. They enjoy traveling together and spending time with family.

You can find Anthony on Facebook and Twitter.