why do you write

Why Do You Write?

Why do you write? There are possibly as many answers to that question as there are writers. But it bears thinking about, and it really does matter in the way you approach your writing.

If you write from a desire to leave family details and stories for your great grandchildren, then your approach will differ from that of someone whose goal is to write a series of books and earn money from writing.

If you write to make sense of the world around you and process events in your life, your approach will differ from someone who wants to tell stories for the joy of entertaining.

A writing group is often a conglomeration of people with different writing goals, varied experience, and various levels of success. You can learn from the other writers in your circle, and their experiences, both positive and negative. But be careful not to judge your success against someone whose goals are different from your own.

Why do you write?

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