Program Schedule for 2023

I hope your New Year has started off with a blast! Mine certainly has. There’s much writing to do and I see great things ahead for WCCW. Here’s some information about our writers group meetings.

As WCCW’s Vice President, my main responsibility is to provide programs/presentations for our monthly meetings. (As a reminder, we meet on the 3rd Monday of each month.)

Our program in January was a follow up read around assignment made from a presentation made by Rhonda Roberts, “How to Write a Character Sketch.” It was an enjoyable and insightful experience.

With members having offered their input, here’s how the rest of the year’s schedule falls out:

February 20
Developing Judges: How to Critique a Short Story
Anthony Wood

March 20
Developing Judges: How to Critique a Poem
Donna Nelson and John McPherson

April 17
Short Story Read Around and Group Critique
Anthony Wood, facilitator

May 15
Poetry Read Around and Group Critique
Donna Nelson and John McPherson, facilitators

June 19
Read Around: AWC 2023 Conference Contest Winners and Participants

July 17
Non-Fiction to the Point
Steve May

August 21
Topic TBA
Terry Engel

September 17
Read Around: WCCW 2023 Conference Contest Winners and Participants

October 16
Character Arcs
Lisa Lindsey

November 20
Story Arcs

December 11
Christmas Party Read Around

Preparing for the February Meeting.
For the upcoming February 20 meeting, I will present the topic, “Developing Judges: How to Critique a Short Story.” I’m counting on WCCW’s accomplished short story writers to offer valuable insights to the discussion.

Included at the end will be an assignment to write a 500 word short story that the group will critique in our April meeting. The goal of this presentation, as well as the one in March, is to develop contest judges, open the door to new contest sponsors, and as always, make us better writers.

WCCW is committed to the growth and development of member’s creative skills and abilities to ensure the best of their talents are revealed in the quality of writing they produce. Each program presented in our writers group meetings serves to encourage our writers and authors.

Come join us!

Anthony Wood
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    1. Thanks for writing this schedule out so that I can refer to it and keep it straight. Have a few problems keeping things in order right now so I need help.

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