Alyssa DarbyAlyssa Darby

Alyssa Darby has been writing since she learned to spell and has even kept some of her writing from a young age. In her youth, she was a writer and editor-in-chief for her school newspaper; recognized for her writing and sent to an exclusive young writer’s conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she became a published author at the age of nine; and continues to write for herself, for others, and for brands through her blog and other mediums.

As a homeschool mom who dabbles with her own small business, she struggles to find quiet time to write but makes the time as a form of self-care, to sharpen her writing skills, and to inspire her sons.

In 2022, Alyssa submitted her first children’s book to a few indie publishers under a pen name. In her research prior to submitting, she stumbled upon WCCW and decided to see what it was about. She fell in love with the group and even started entering some local writing contests for the first time ever, placing in several contests for both prose and poetry. She loves the challenge and the ability to improve her writing and try new writing styles outside of her comfort zone.

Besides writing, she loves to illustrate, cook, decorate cakes, renovate her home, sing and play instruments, create spreadsheets, spend time with her family, and just about any other hobby you could imagine.

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Alyssa is featured in our Member Spotlight in March 2023.