George McIrvin


Georgie McIrvin decided to be a professional writer in 1999 and attacked that pursuit with a vengeance. Within four years she had over 150 articles, primarily personality profiles, published in newspapers in Arkansas and England. In contests she has garnered over 50 awards. She has short stories published in two anthologies and one story accepted for reading on Public Radio. According to McIrvin, “all of these required an interview.” Many of her ideas for articles and stories come from her travels to England and Central America, and the people she has met while traveling have often found their way into her stories.

Georgie McIrvin(left) receives an award from F.W.C.A.
Georgie’s Web Site

In the fall of 2004, she began taking classes at ASU-Heber Springs just for the fun of it, or as she says “for Alzheimer’s prevention.” In October of 2005 she was appointed Campus Minister at ASU-Heber and began organizing a Baptist Collegiate Ministry group, which she says is almost a full time, though volunteer, job. Although she is doing little writing at the present, Georgie is still active in White County Creative Writers and Sugarloaf Scribbles and Scribes.