Pamella Withroder

Pamella Withroder

I didn’t start out in my life to be a writer. Far from it. I am a trained Dietitian, drove a truck for 10 years, and owned and operated a flower shop for over 20 years. But most of my life has been in the art field. I started designing porcelain figurines. I was taught and then became a teacher in the art of fine china painting. Then took many years of art training, and eventually became a watercolorist, and have taught it for years. It was my watercolors that got me to writing. Or shall I say originally illustrating.

I had drawn many illustrations and a story about three cats. One of my students, a retired teacher, told me to put it together and have it published. Children needed what I had to say.

So I started my writing journey. Off to college for a refresher course in writing and English. Then the illustrations were picked up by Skipping Stones Magazine, they wanted to publish them in their magazine for children. I cheerfully agreed.

The story goes from there, but I eventually published two childrens books, The Adventures of Wee Three and The Adventures of Wee Four.

Of course, when you write, you write and enter everything, and a writing contest won me a spot in the Voices an Anthology of Story Stories, from the Ozark Writers League.

I am working on three books at this time. One about my grandmothers adventures West as a seven year old child. She left me her journals to do so. The second is a continuation of the first two books, a story of a special cat and a fairy. The third book is a murder mystery. These are all pending my finishing them, and I hope to do that next year. All of this and I still teach watercolors weekly.


Pamella L. Withroder